Were you the same as now, say, ten years ago?

Do you still have the same feelings and thoughts?

Of course not.


In the meantime you have changed and no longer have quite

the same thoughts, feelings, emotions

that you had then.


Some years from now, do you expect to be the same as now?

Of course not.


But if you are no longer who you were before, and in a while again

won’t be the same, in what is supposed to consist

your present “reality”?


Nisargadatta Maharaj agrees:


You are not who you think you are.


The image that you have of yourself is made of memories

and is purely accidental.


Apart from your name, your occupation, what you presently do, your memories, etc, which are all on the outmost surface of your being,


what can you say about the true yourself,

who you really ARE?


How would you answer?


There can be no final answer at the level

of the human mind.


But in any case,


what is more important is not the answer but sincerely,

very intensely asking it.


Words of Power:


Spending one’s whole life without knowing who we are is much worse

than being blind or in a wheelchair.


In a certain sense, at first all we are is darkness

looking for the light within us.


Are you looking or the light within?

To which extent?


Question/ko’han 1 to 4:

Do you believe that you know who you really are?

If yes, are you sure?

If so, what gives you this certainty?

Have you examined if it is really so?

Question/ko’han 5 and 6:

If you do not know who you really are,


How will you find out?

Why in this way and not another?




– Meditate on these words of Nisargadatta Maharaj:

You cannot possibly say that you are

what you think yourself to be!


Your ideas about yourself change from day to day and from moment to moment.

Your self-image is the most changeful thing you have.


It is utterly vulnerable, at the mercy of a passerby. A bereavement, the loss

of a job, an insult, and your image of yourself, which you call your person, changes deeply.


To know what you are you must first investigate

and know what you are not.


And to know what you are not you must watch yourself carefully,

rejecting all that does not necessarily go

with the basic fact:’I am’.


Are you watching yourself carefully?

How often?




You are not what you always thought you were:

how does his make you feel? Once it used

to drive me mad, but so delighted am I now that

after all I never really was that pathetic clown!

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