You are like the King of an ancient land who instead of governing it

wisely with a compassionate but firm hand

neglected it for too long,


to the point that your subjects – your thoughts, emotions, feeling, various kinds of energies, etc ,


have gone each their own way ignoring you,

no longer obeying you.


What will you DO now about it?


In the castle of your own being all sorts of energies, thought

formations and subtle entitles wander in and out

more or less as they please


making a confused mess of your life, vastly limiting your potential.

As you have no magic wand – enough personal power – to make them all immediately return to their respective duties,


you will have to deal with each of them individually again and again, as long

as necessary, every time that they try to manifest themselves in you,

through you, against the truth of your being.


As you will soon find out if you haven’t already, some can be brought back to their right tasks, but others are too deeply ingrained in their habits to change


and you will have to firmly chase out from yourself

once and for all.


This is usually quite a painful process for they will make you feel as if you were cutting off a part of yourself,


while getting rid of them all at last is such

an immense relief and liberation,


and until it is done you can never be inwardly free,

never have any permanent peace and joy.


Until you become free of them you remain as if hypnotized not just by one but by several deceiving magicians having fun with you, ordering you around:


Suffer! Worry! Get very upset over this or that irrelevant thing!

Go into depression! Be unhappy!


Remain unsatisfied by whatever you have! Become sick! Get a headache!

Uselessly regret the past! Be full of fears

about the future!


Desire only about superficial things!

Acquire a lot of things you don’t really need, that nobody really needs!

Buy firmed garments in the vain hope that they will reduce your sense of inferiority!

Have a harsh quarrel with someone you care about for no real reason!

Eat another chocolate bar! Have a few more drinks!

Watch dumb television programs many hours a day to stupefy yourself even more and avoid thinking about your situation!

Do crosswords,


waste as much time as possible in inanities of all kinds until you

are old and near to death, having wasted

your whole life!


Become aware that some of these negative suggestions are just like mosquitoes, bothering insects or squatters in your inner home, but others are more like thieves, vandals, vampires of energy, contagious lepers and even potential murderers.


They are the henchmen of DEATH


trying to deceive you and make you believe that they are your own fears and weaknesses, but it isn’t true.


Never believe it!



Remember that you are the King of your own inner kingdom,


recover your personal power and dissolve for ever all these shadows

with the intense Light of your immortal soul.


James Joyce has the last word:


Every day in many ways, day after day, we walk through ourselves,

meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men,

wives, widows, brothers-in-law,


but always meeting ourselves.


But always meeting YOURSELF.

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