Right and wrong, pleasure and pain belong only to the mind

and are not your concern:


you are neither the doer nor the beneficiary of the consequences,

so you, the Witness of all, remain always free.


Your true nature is a perfect, free and action-less consciousness, the all-pervading Witness devoid of attachments to anything, desire-less and always at peace.


It is only because of illusion that you seem

to be involved in samsara.


Unconditioned and changeless are you, formless and immovable, firm and unfathomable awareness, so hold to nothing but consciousness,


in the awareness that the apparent is unreal and only

the Unmanifest is permanent.


You do not consist of any of the elements – earth, water, fire, air, and not even ether: to be liberated know yourself as consciousness, the witness of all: if you just remain centered in consciousness, not identifying with your body, then right now you will become happy, peaceful and free from all bonds.


Unattached and formless are you, the witness

of everything — so be happy.


You are not the body, nor the doer of actions but the Witness, pure and eternal Consciousness needing nothing – so live happily.

Desire and anger the mind’s objects, but the mind is not yours, nor has ever been: you are choice-less, unchanging awareness, so live happily.


Recognizing yourself in all, and all in you, be happy, free

from the sense of responsibility and any worry.


Your nature is the consciousness in which the whole world raises

like waves in the sea: that is indeed what you are,

so be free of all troubles.


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