Isn’t it ever so strange

that this primal Question, Who Am I

the most essential of all,

the only real one,

ignored remains by almost all?



The very first Question it was

that in my childhood I asked, although

somehow aware was I that the Answer

the adults around me knew not.

Asking it was perhaps

my own way of praying.



This children’s singsong I once heard:

“I think I am a Muffin Man.

No muffins have I

nor the things muffin men sell:

I think I am a tram.

I am getting confused

and don’t know who I am!”

It was just like

I had written it myself.



When writing, the Writer am I

when loving the Lover,

while teaching our students the Teacher,

when healing the Healer,

but even the best roles

utterly transcended must be

to be who we really are.



In this world’s ambiguous surfaces

when in any endeavor engaged

an Actor I become, but on a Stage

not of my own choosing,

a part or another playing out

in an epic, tragedy or comedy

which never quite fits me:

only too well I know

that tested am I still.



What I am to myself alone

like a symphony is, but one

few can ever hear, like

of the infinite Mystery an echo,

a dim reflection of Her smile down here;

like a forever uncompleted painting

so vivid and intense in the Painter’s mind,

like a dream dreaming itself

without any dreamer.



To myself alone

a fire am I most of all

which never can be extinguished,

all I ever was and all that

I must still transcend its fuel is;

or like a lamp’s intense light

without any lamp at all.-

It is always the best Light

for all lamps deform it



However, although my essential nature

Light is, in some abysses of my being

darkness I also contemplate

for inwardly was I told

not to fully dissolve it yet

or with the external world all contacts

lose would I and never accomplish

what I came down here to do

the Mission of my Soul.



In the world we share

a shadow I also appear to be

the one of whom I really am.

It is this shadow, not the real me

writing these lines:

Both mind and words

shadows are all.



What is it that I am really

trying to say?

How can anyone live

not knowing who he really is?

Most care so little about it,

or even not at all.

Do you?


What I really mean is that

ultimately ONE are we

and however you appear to be

I will always love you.

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