My dear children,

you are not what you think you are.

This what-you-think-you are is

a shadow of

what you are


What one believes oneself to be,

a person in a body,

was born and will die.

this is the image that

appears and will disappear.


What one really is was there before the birth, is

equally available during the lifespan, and

will continue there after death.

It is that in which all images appear.


This is the truth of what one is;

The clear point, the non-dimensional

Source of all dimensions, onto which

all perception is displayed.


What one really is

is what one is

in the absence of

the who that

one thinks one is,


Ask yourself: stripped of body, senses and mind, what am I?


One sincerely sets out to find this “me” but all

that is found is a story, a detailed narrative.


But there’s no substance to it.


You are nothing perceivable. You are

the perceiving of all that arises.


One is both

the background on which everything happens and

the Knowing of the background.


Discerning this is

the breakthrough into the groundless openness.


What you are you have always been.

It is only when you become

Something in particular that you are lost.


What one is, is like nakedness.

It is always there.

It is there under the clothing and

It is there in the absence of clothing.

What one is never leaves.

One is mistaken in identifying with

Anything that is not permanent.


Whatever you are made from,

It is the same kind as that of which

Everything else is made of.

Wu Hsin calls it Consciousness.

This is not any personal consciousness,

But the primary building block and support of all things.

If there is no single thing which makes you per person you are,

You must be the result of

Several parts or things working together.


You sense of self is therefore a construction.


The nature of the self-obsession or alter-self is

Comprised of three different aspects:


First, there is “I” as the reference center.

It is the core, the entity, the seeming person, the individual.


Next, there is “me”.

Me is the recipient;

Things happen to it.

It is vulnerable.

It can be harmed and, as such

It must protect itself by all means necessary.


Last is “mine”.

It is the further extension of self.

It possesses and therefore

Further defines itself via its possessions.


The three aspects enmesh forming a tight composite,

Each complementing the other.

Mine point to “me” and refers back to I.


The answer to “Who am I?” is no body.

No body points to that which is without form.


When one asks: “Who am I”

and receives no answer, one fails to realize that


no answer IS the answer.


It’s all right here. Yet somehow, inexplicably, you are like birds in flight looking for the sky.

To date, you have been unable to reconcile

That which you are with that which you seem to be.


What you are is not perceivable;

What you seem to be is a name with a distinct form, and

An accompanying narrative.

They would appear to be irreconcilable yet

It is their very reconciliation that constitutes awakening.


What you appear to be,

What you are conditioned to think you are

But are not, is temporal.

What you call your self is

Some thought, sensation that

You are temporarily identified with.


Your real nature is prior to and

Beyond all notions and formulations.

What you are is beyond all concepts, and hence

Beyond all categories.


What is difficult for you to embrace is that

What you are is nothing perceivable.

You are nothing that you are conscious of.


Come to know oneself is relation to oneself,

Not in relation to other things.

See that everything is inter-related.

Nothing has its own self-contained existence,

The center is everywhere.




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