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You take yourself to be that which events happen to. Cease to be the object and become the subject of all that happens.


Merely see yourself as the illuminant of everything.


You can only experience ideas about yourself. You cannot experience yourself because


what you are is so subtle that it cannot

be experienced.


Investigation results in seeing that “you” cannot be located in either

time or space, neither inside nor outside. This not-finding

is the doorway to what one is.


To see oneself as one is would be to perceive what is real, a direct perception that is possible only in a state free of all conditioning. In the conditioned existence, what is perceived is filtered and can therefore be said to be a fabrication.


We know ourselves by the ideas we hold about ourselves.

When we abandon all ideas about ourselves,

we really get to know ourselves.


The character of a book cannot

write the book in which he appears.


Investigate whether you are

the author or the character.


For movement to be perceived,

for change to be perceived,

requires a changeless,

unmoving, continuous background.


To know who one is

requires diving unto the depths

of one’s own being.


The Pearl rests on the bottom.


Look deeply inside yourself

and try to find yourself.

The ensuing failure is

the true finding.




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