Ramana Maharshi


By enquiring “Who am I?” our individual ‘I’ begins to dissolve as we reach

the Heart and Reality becomes clear. Although it reveals

itself as ‘I’, it is not the ego


but the Perfect Being, the Absolute Self.


– It is not our body which says ‘I’,

and clearly in deep sleep the ‘I’ is no more, but when it emerges everything else begins to appear as well.


– The moment we deeply examine its nature

the “I” can no longer survive and falls apart revealing our own natural state, which is one with the Divine and has always been.


Rumi echoes His words thus:

What is the Truth of the scriptures declaring that

if one sees the Self one sees God?


How can one see one’s Self? If as an isolated being, one cannot

see one’s Self, how can one see God?


His answer is:


Only by becoming a prey to Him.


How does the idea of becoming a prey to Him make you feel?

What we must do is


to enquire with an attentive, concentrated mind

from where our “I” emerges.


From where does your “I” emerge?


Nisargadatta Maharaj goes to the core of the issue:


We must understand that there is no “me”, nor “you”

and never could be, so live accordingly.


How will you live accordingly?


But you will be able to do that only when your superficial “I” is gone – because only then


you will find out that you are yourself

what you are seeking for.


I was told I was born and a particular body was me. Then accepted further conditioning and ended up believing that I would “die”. Ridiculous!


Do you believe that you will die?

YOU, not your body.

If so, you are being deceived.

He sums it all up thus:


In our original state only the awareness of “I AM” exists

without any knowledge, attributes, form or identity;


– The world arises together with the thought or concept “I AM”;


– To manifest itself consciousness needs a body

and identifies itself with it, which brings about bondage and what has been called “original sin”


– No object has independent existence of its own,

therefore cannot awake from the living dream.


Understanding this makes the seeker disappear because

he is never really separated

from the sought.




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