When one seeks to examine the observer among the observed,

One discerns that the organism observing is just another object.

It cannot be the subject.


When no true subject can be found,

One can conclude that the observer and the observed are not

The dyad that they seemed.


Observation is the quality of consciousness.

There is no need to create an imaginary observer.


The subject can’t be found because

The subject is everywhere, like air.

How do you find it?


The eyes observe the world.

The mind observes the eyes.

Consciousness observes the mind


The Absolute observes conscious being.

In this manner,

The Subject comes to know Itself.


Examine everything.

Observe all observation including

The “observer” who is observing.


Also observe the moment of observation in order to

Discern the origination of observation.


There is no witness, only Witnessing

or Observing.


The physical body, while present in the waking state is absent in the dream state.

But the witnessing, pure awareness, is present in both and is therefore the constant factor.

Similarly, in the state of deep sleep, there is the witnessing of that state where phenomena are absent.


Therefore, Witnessing is ever present, unwavering,

like a candle in a windless room.




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