The witnessing of awareness can persist through waking,

dreaming and deep sleep.


The Witness is fully available in any state, including

your own present state of awareness right now.


So notice: you can see the clouds float by because you are not those clouds-you are the witness of those clouds.


You can feel bodily feelings because you are not those feelings-

you are the witness of those feelings.


You can see thoughts float by because you are not those thoughts-you are the witness of those thoughts. Spontaneously and naturally, these things all arise, on their own, in your present, effortless awareness.


So who are you? You are not objects out there, you are not feelings, you are not thoughts-you are effortlessly aware of all those, so you

are not those. Who or what are you?


Say it this way to yourself:


I have feelings, but I am not those feelings. Who am I? I have thoughts,

but I am not those thoughts. Who am I? I have desires,

but I am not those desires. Who am I?


So you push back into the source of your own awareness. You push back into the Witness, and you rest in the Witness. I am not objects, not feelings, not desires, not thoughts.

But then people usually make a big mistake. They think that if they rest in the Witness, they are going to see something or feel something-something really neat and special.


But you won’t see anything. If you see something, that is just

another object-another feeling, another thought,

another sensation, another image.


But those are all objects; those are what you are not.


No, as you rest in the Witness-realizing, I am not objects, I am not feelings,

I am not thoughts-all you will notice is a sense of freedom,

a sense of liberation, a sense of release-


release from the terrible constriction of identifying with these puny little finite objects, your little body and little mind and little ego, all of which are objects that can be seen,


and thus are not the true Seer, the real Self, the pure Witness,

which is what you really are.


So you won’t see anything in particular. Whatever is arising is fine. Clouds float by in the sky, feelings float by in the body, thoughts float by in the mind-and you can effortlessly witness all of them.

They all spontaneously arise in your own present, easy, effortless awareness.


And this witnessing awareness is not itself anything specific

you can see. It is just a vast, background

sense of freedom-or pure emptiness-


and in that pure emptiness, which you are, the entire manifest world arises. You are that freedom, openness, emptiness-and not any itty bitty thing that arises in it.


Resting in that empty, free, easy, effortless witnessing, notice that

the clouds are arising in the vast space

of your awareness.


The clouds are arising within you-so much so, you can taste the clouds, you are one with the clouds. It is as if they are on this side of your skin, they are so close.


The sky and your awareness have become one, and all things in the sky

are floating effortlessly through your own awareness.




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