Unless we do a regular practice of observing ourselves, we will never

become aware of why we think that we want this or that,


why we tend to react in a certain way and another, why we suffer apart from the superficial and apparent reasons, why we have certain habit, attachments and predispositions


and remain unable to find the meaning of our lives and what

we are really supposed to be doing here,


1) Ask yourself these questions:


– Why do I have the kind of thoughts and emotions that visit my mind more often?

– From where do they originate?

– Why even those that I do not want keep coming to me?

– Why I seem unable to get rid of them?

– Which is the real reason that I like this and that and dislike these other things?

– What is it that I REALLY want?

– Why?

– Why it is this and not something else?

– What do I fear most?

– Why, beyond the apparent reasons?

– Why can’t be always happy inwardly, whatever the external circumstance may be.

– ………………


2) Examine with a great clarity the forces of your life:


– Don’t get involved in them

but observe them as if watching a comedy – or, alas, a tragedy in some cases – from a safe spectator’s seat;


Become aware that your observation is a movement of Prakriti,

the universal Nature with which you have identified yourself and not your true Self.


3) Realize that so far


like almost everyone else you have only become aware of various movements in yourself,


to some extent aware of your own observation,

but not yet directly of yourself.


– Concentrate on yourself alone as the Witness of yourself

instead of the one of anything else and you will find that such a state is not aloof or indifferent, as many assume, but very loving, even passionate.


– If you have done all this intensely enough, see how


they fall away from you, leaving you with no more any expectations,

fears or desires, completely FREE. 

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