Stone: Emerald

The Mantra: Prasnesu Vikalpah Eva Naasiit


The Key:


The starting point is the realization that no fate, no God, no entity or power whatsoever has brought about the circumstances of our life:


WE and none else have created it in our own mind, therefore

we have the power to change it


a) In this moment of your life you find yourself in:


– A body of a certain age with all its inclinations,

strengths and weaknesses, health or some illnesses, sexual needs or the repressions of them, etc;


– A heart with conflicting emotions and feelings,

with a measure of love or the painful lack of it, attachments, conscious or unconscious fears, aspirations, dreams…


– A mind full of tendencies and conditionings

of which you are aware of a very small part at best, all sorts of beliefs which you have absorbed by those around you, the books that you have read, from your religion if you have one, etc;


– A certain existential situation

and the burden of commitments, big or small, chronic habits, perhaps even some inner scars from old wounds or childhood traumas unless you have already healed them, so many other things…


How will you change, heal all this?


According to Foyan the most direct approach is to consider our present state and ask ourselves.


What is its logic and guiding pattern?

Why am I still confused?


Why are you still confused?

Have you discovered its logic and guiding pattern already?

If not, how will you discover it?


b) You have already seen, at least to some extent, how previously

you were mainly, if not only, concerned with very superficial things,


and acted as if your comfort and enjoyments were the most important things and therefore were moved around like a puppet by external forces beyond your control


while all you really need is to remain always

in the truth of your being.


Now such a life seems to you a nightmare (if it doesn’t, examine it again),

a mere sham in which you were not really there in any real sense and only the strongest shocks like the death of a loved one could shake you briefly from your inner slumber.


Ask yourself then:


how can I completely change, heal,

transfigure all this?


c) The work on yourself that you have already done in previous lives

brought you to this moment:


you are now much closer to the Door for which you have been preparing yourself, consciously or unconsciously, through so many lives and so much suffering.


You find yourself now like an explorer

in an uncharted land.


Krishnamurti called it The Pathless Land.


At the Starting Point,


– You begin to comprehend the lethal,

distorting and suffocating mechanisms that have kept you in ignorance, semidarkness, confusion, uncertainly and sorrow for so long.


You now feel, even if you unable to quite define it,

that a radical change is occurring in you and that it is by far the utmost important thing in this moment of your life.


– Many things which previously attracted you,

including some that you thought you could not do without now feel hollow and unsatisfactory, and have already lost most of their attraction for you;


– At times you feel yourself like an actor

who by mistake ended up playing a different role on the stage of the world that the one that he was meant to;


– In this transitional time you at times


you feel as if there were two of you:


one to a certain extent still lost in the Dream, in so many superficialities as of old, automatically reacting to external event as you used to in the past.

But there is also


one in you who looks at the former with a mixture of incomprehension

and amusement as to a child who has not yet

reached the age of reason.


– You realize that in the past you had created a character,

a personage, your self-image, the protagonist of the novel of your life, became almost completely identified with it

and ended believing that it was you.


Now you no longer feel that this personage is you, refuse to play out

its old roles any longer, but at times it can still take you over

and enacts again some of its obsolete antics.


How will you prevent this?


d) You become aware as never before


that the direction where the “person” that you have been (and that to a minor extent still are) is not going where YOU want to go:


take responsibility for the new direction of your life and with a firm determination become free of its interference.


By doing so

you will awaken more and more

from the Dream.


Indeed there will be times when you will still fall back into it, but can never again be utterly lost in it as before, because once the awakening process has begun may perhaps be slowed down but cannot be stopped by anything.


With part of your being you are ALREADY outside the Dream,

watching it all as its Witness.


Which part of your being?

There only one that is real.


You are beginning to Awaken now at a time of great changes when all worlds intersect,


at the time of the “Hour of God” when everything becomes possible,

a very rare occasion which comes only

once in thousands of years.


It is the time when as Sri Aurobindo said,


even a small effort achieves incredible results: do not waste

such a great opportunity!


Would YOU waste such a fantastic opportunity?

We hope not!


e) Wu Hsin’s advice is:


The first step is

to tear up the map.

This is a departure

from the known to the unknown.


Maps are used at the beginning, but they can bring us only to a certain point.


First or later we must go beyond them

into the vast Unknown.


The Veil:


The Veil which prevents us from always choosing

the right Way in OURSELVES.


The Dreamgame:

In the Dreamgame


the Starting Point is the Here and Now,

the present instant.


However, you do not get to choose to be already, say, the equivalent of a video game’s mighty warrior or powerful magician.

The reason is that


in the past you have already chosen to be something else, what you are

RIGHT NOW, although you no longer remember this.


You do not really need to study more spiritual books, listen to more Teachers, do longer meditations or austerities; you do not even really need to keep reading this text: you can transform your whole life immediately.


A Door is there wide open for you.



Never say: “But I don’t know how to start!”

But tell yourself


The Divine is guiding me, and on some levels of my being



Or tell yourself with Ramana Maharshi’s words:


The beginning and the end are one. Blissful is he

who reaches the end through the beginning,

for he will never die.

what does it mean to reach the end through the beginning?

How will you reach it?


The Devil’s Advocate:

Of course, in order to be able to start escaping our clutches, you ought to realize that you haven’t started yet.

Fortunately for my client, most remain under the illusion that they have started already, or even that they are already close to our opponent when they haven’t yet seen him even with the telescope!


The Khdir:


The very first step is to examine all the elements of your being, and above all

the perception itself of your life: if you love the Divine

your life itself will love you back.

Journey on.


Words of Power:


May everyone start their own true life right now

or proceed faster if they already did!


Finding out who I really am is by far the most important thing

and nothing else really matters to me.


Living it:

Vijay’s own starting point finally came when he read the second book of Krishnamurti’s “Commentaries on Living” in which he said that the ultimate Truth abides in ourselves alone, never in any philosophy, religion or system of belief; that nobody can ever own the living truth and it is only within us that we can ever find the deepest meaning of our lives


because each of us must set himself free from his own conditionings,

greed and fear, and no priest, Guru or Messiah

can do that for us…


All this seemed only too obvious to him and he thought about it no more, but then a few months later while sitting at an outdoor café table this realization struck him like a thunderbolt:


“But if that book speaks true, as I deem it does,

my whole life must I change then…”


From Vijay’s old journals – 1990 – Bangkok, Thailand

Talking to Yuka about Krishnamurti…oh, even now after almost fifty years I still vividly remember when I had that lightning of a thought:

“But if this book speaks true, and it does, all my life must change then…”

It sure did!

Even more than I could ever imagine.

Now I see again the intense moment when I had such a thought, the waitress flirting with the bartender, an old sad pensioner staring into his glass, someone on the phone talking about the stock exchange, a most surreal, bright red Campari aperitif’s advertisement on the wall, a jukebox taken over by loud teenagers, its sound reaching me as if from so far away; my forgotten cup of coffee slowly getting cold….


my whole life must I change then…


Question/Ko’han 1 to 3:

Where is your starting point?

Are you SURE?

Why this and not another?

Question/Ko’han 4 to 6:

How will you achieve the momentous change into infinite love, ecstasy and Vision?


Why not sooner?

Question/Ko’han 7:

How will you start dealing with all the forces of your life from the past?


Rainer Maria Rilke has the last word with something that Vijay could have written himself almost word by word:


And you wait, keep waiting for one thing which would infinitely

enrich your life: the powerful, uniquely uncommon

awakening of dormant stones,


depths that would reveal you to yourself.


How much more will YOU be waiting?

Actually, even a minute is far too long already.




1) Consider how


– You have been living in a dream, not quite present to yourself

in any real sense, lost in countless desires, identification, compulsions and were living your life as if you were someone else;


– Recognize how most of your thoughts, emotions, cravings and fears,

if not all,


are not really yours at all but have been programmed

in the computer of your brain by other people

and by your whole culture;


2) What you must do now is:


– Never forget to s check whether your ways of thinking,

living, feeling, act etc are in the Truth, are really what you really want –

or not.


– Realize that only by getting rid of the heavy burden

of all your identifications slowing down your Journey you can be yourself at last


and accomplish your true destiny,

the Mission of your Soul.


– Visualize having no commitments to anyone

or anything at all and being able to change your life’s direction right now in any way you want.


Evaluate which major changes would be the best, which obstacles

are there preventing you for achieving them in order to

find the best way to overcome them.


3) Meditate on this passage of Mère:


One realizes suddenly that one is here because there is something to be done and this something is not anything egoistic. This seems to me the most logical way of entering upon the path—all of a sudden to realise,


“Since I am here, it means that I have a mission to fulfil. Since I have been

endowed with a consciousness, it is that I have something to do

with that consciousness – what is it?”


Generally, it seems to me that this is the first question one should put to oneself: “Why am I here?” I have seen this in children, even in children of five or six: “Why am I here, why do I live?”


And then to search, with whatever consciousness is available, with a very

little bit of consciousness: why am I here, for what reason?

This seems to me the normal starting point.




Once I wasn’t living my life at all: at first

with such horror those times remembered;

but now I know that a womb it all had been

in which I was getting ready to be myself.

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