Stone: Emerald

The Mantra: Shrim – pronounced Shreem

Or, Om Prema Prachodayate


The Key:


Love is not only the best key to a wonderful life but also

the accomplishment of the Path.


We can only know love by loving, and usually the Divine manifests in us

Only when we have love in our heart


Do you have enough love in your heart?

If not, why not?

If not, what will you DO about it?


a) The issue is introduced by pointing out that


in the world of illusions we love a few and not many others, but after our Great Liberation


we will realize that we ARE Love itself,


love all and no longer limit our love to only our partner or family,

for this veils Divine Love from us.


To which extent are you able to love all?

If not much, why?

Do not ignore this very important question and contemplate it as long as you can even if the answer takes a long time to come.


Under all its manifold disguises, every ordinary human “love” is almost entirely selfish, a murky amalgam of desires and biological drives, and is mostly, is net even entirely, an attraction to the superficial appearance of the loved one, a bit like being in love with the clothes the loved one wears instead of with the person.



while Divine Love is always there, universal,

boundless and eternal.


As Sri Yukteswar said,


The flux of the human heart is gone forever

at the transfixing touch of pure love.


Our culture divides love into various categories: love for our parents, children or partners, for God, for nature or art, for pets, etc,


but love is ONE,


although of course its expressions vary, and it is the only thing that can unite every human being on earth.


Mère adds that:


Of all the forces acting in the universe, love is the most powerful, the most

irresistible; without love the world would fall back into

the chaos of unconsciousness.


But what most people do with it?

Use it to heal themselves and those around them?


Very seldom. They merely find a tiny ray of it and then use it for the small ephemeral satisfactions of their desires and above all to escape the loneliness and inanity of their lives.


But this is like pouring the little water they have in the desert sands

when they are dying of thirst.


Is not this INSANE?

And yet is what most people do all their lives.


b) The main problem is that what most call “love”


is mixed up with fear, need and loneliness,


and has so little trust that for so many requires a marriage contract in front of a priest or in a town hall.

Our culture has conditioned us to look for love outside ourselves: there is something like a bottomless hole inside most, which they try to fill it in so many ways,


but seeking love outside before we have found it within us first or later

brings about bitter disappointments.


As you also probably have already found out.

If you haven’t yet, prepare yourself for it.

Some main definitions of Love:



– The sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky. Hafiz

– When you want only love you will see nothing else. A Course in Miracles

– Love is a sacred reserve of energy, it is like the blood of spiritual evolution

Teilhard de Chardin

– It is love alone that leads to right action. What brings order into the world is to love and let love do what it wills. Krishnamurti

– Love is an annihilating force, like death. Love is not weak, it is surrendered & strong. It can bear & face anything. Gangaji

– Love is nothing other than finding the truth.

– Love is the bridge between you and everything.

– Love helps you to see into the invisible. Rumi

– Love is the yearning of the One for the One. Sri Aurobindo


The Muslim Al Ghazzali points out that


In love the pleasure is secondary and it is there only because the perception

of the pleasure is not well enough developed for the real feeling to be identified and described.


The love is, in reality, though this is not perceived,

directed towards the pleasure.


If you only loves someone because it gives pleasure

it is no real love at all.


Note how the Hindu Sri Yukteswar said the same thing:


Ordinary love is selfish, darkly rooted in desires and satisfactions.

Divine love is without condition, without boundary,

without change.


Indeed human love, in whatever way we experience it,


is in its essence a deep need to some back to our original nature,

our Source, the infinity of Divine Love

in all its immensity.


Thich Nath Hanh asks:


How can we love what is not real? A body which will not last,

a mind which keeps changing all the time…


Can you?

If yes, you are being deceived.


Find what is real in the other person first, under the murky surface

of his or her appearance and personality

then love that to the utmost.


c) To most “love” only means company, comfort, attachments,


the need to escape from oneself through another, a relief for loneliness – you wake up in the night and someone is there next to you in the dark – and more of less adds to:


I will scratch your back if you scratch mine.


– Sexuality,

even more in the psychological that in just the physical sense;


– A religious precept

“Love thy neighbor like thyself” which many feel guilty about because they are seldom able to do so, or not for very long;


– Self-sacrifice,

particularly for traditional women;


– Conforming to cultural patterns

and the strange idea many have that if one is single there must something wrong with him or her;


– The exchange of strong but mostly superficial emotions;


– A stupefying drug;


-Security, mutual exploitation or/and a dependency;


– A need to dominate and possess someone else

as if another person was an object that we can own to increase our sense of security and feel powerful;


– Quite a conundrum

because it can bring us the highest ecstasy possible while still in a human body as well as to the deepest sorrow.


Which of these deformations of love touched you most?


What does it tell you about yourself?


For most Love just means mostly sexual satisfaction when young,

the comfort of a steady companion in middle age,

and the mutual support of the old.


What has this to do with real Love?

Obviously, nothing at all.


There is a general assumption that human love is not egoistic because supposedly we desire the best for those we love,


but if our love is not corresponded almost all

gradually stop loving the “loved one”.


But of course this is no real love at all.


d) What is then true Love?


True Love means the death of the ego and of our superficial personality,

of our false self-image, and nobody can reach it

while still being imprisoned in them.


True love is eternal and only its manifestation can change,

never its essence.


What is its essence?

If you care little about anyone else and at best you are only able to love your partner, children or family members


what you feel for them is not real love but attachment,

a mere pretense of love.


The widespread romantic idea of love is that it just “happens” but only with a very special person and cannot happen with everyone, and yet


true Love is to love ALL.


To which extent do you love all?

If not, or not enough, why not?

If not, there can be no greater loss.

As Krishnamurti said,


Love is not attachment. Love does not yield sorrow.

Love has no despair or hope.


Love cannot be made respectable, part of the social scheme.

When it is not there, all sort of travail begins.


Freedom and love go together.

Love is not a reaction.


If I love you because you love me, that is mere trade, a thing to be bought in the market, not true love.


To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that

you are giving something – and it is only such love

that can know freedom


e) The very essence of Love is Truth, Peace, Ecstasy and Vision


and in itself never causes us to suffer; only our attachment and possessiveness do.


True love means to recognize, or at least to feel, the Divine Presence

in all, which is the best way to find peace

and happiness in our life.


To find peace and happiness in YOUR life.

The hunger for love is much more difficult to assuage than the one for bread.


Love is a sacred energy and the very foundation

of our personal evolution.


Love is not just an emotion, feeling or instinct but an art, and we can reach it only by going far beyond romance and sexual attraction and by caring more for the loved one than about ourselves.


Everything which is not love is a call for healing or help,

in whatever form may be expressed.


In Italian Love is “amore” which etymologically derives from the Latin a-mors.

A is the negative, and “mors” means death.

This means that love is death’s antidote:


it brings us beyond death to conscious Immortality.


The Kabuli:

When the Kabuli was asked about two dervishes loving each other in an unnatural way He replied:


First of all love Allah with all your heart yourself, and then

let everyone else love Him through others

the best they can!


What does this tell you?

When a dervish fell in love with another because of his wonderful voice when chanting the devotional songs the Kabuli told him:


Loving someone because of his beautiful voice is like trying to quench

one’s thirst by looking at the painting of a well,


like trying to take refuge from the burning desert sun at noon

in the mirage of an oasis.


The Veil:


The Veil makes us see as lovable only some and ignore that we are

all the time drowning in a sea of infinite love

secretly all around us, in us.


The Dreamgame:

In the Dreamgame, real Love can be a MAGIC POWER bringing to a “LEVELLING UP”

in which, like in a video game, we are granted access to new powers that we must still learn how to use effectively.

As Goethe said,


We are shaped and fashioned

by what we love.


What is it that you really love?


How is it fashioning you?


To fear love indicates that we fear life, but then we are no longer

present to ourselves in any real sense.


As the Gospel of John affirms,


There can be no fear in love, and perfect love

dissolves all fears.


Does love dissolve all fear in you?

If not, your love is not yet perfect




the opposite of love is not hatred

but FEAR.


This is a very important point:


Whenever there is fear in us

there cannot be real love.


The Devil’s Advocate:

Sometimes before he was assassinated John Lennon said: “I still believe that all you need is love.”

See all the good his belief did to him!

Someone SHOT him!

What a gag!

Obviously, what he really needed was not love but a nice Kevlar vest!

In the Eskimo language there are fifty-two different names for snow because their livehood and survival depended on it, and in English so many words for anger, like for example rage, fury, ire, wrath, hatred, resentment, seeing red, being pissed off, getting mad, etc: doesn’t the fact that there are only few words word for love indicate that you humans don’t care all that much for it, whatever your hypocritical pretensions?

What does this tell you about the human race real inclinations?


The Khdir:


Love is the strongest force in the universe, but many see it as a weakness

because in most remains so shallow, growing out

of their loneliness and insecurity.

To be able to truly love is almost impossible until the ego is there,


because not only the ego is incapable to love but also always deforms,

degrades it into mere animal sexuality,

attachment and possession


Words of Power:


May Love fill the heart of every sentient being

in the universe!


What we really love is love itself.


How so?


“Love is not something that you have; love is something

that has you. “Anthony De Mello

Does love have you?

If not, why not?


“Love… surrounds every being and extends slowly

to embrace all that shall be.”

Khalil Gibran


Including YOU.


“Love is the bridge between you

and everything.” Rumi


“Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause

and effect of all harmony” Rumi


“The sun is love. The lover, a speck

circling the sun.” Rumi


“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”Rumi


“Love is the astrolabe of the mysteries

of God.” Rumi

“The soul of the soul of the universe is Love-

Love is the soul’s light.” Rumi


“What is love? Gratitude.”



How so?   


“You have within you more love than you could

ever understand.” Rumi


Are you aware of it?

If not, or not enough, you are missing out of a most wonderful thing.


Living it:

From “The Quest”, the Childhood Memories section.


Some of the books I read spoke of love, yet another mystery and a most confusing one, apparently not the same thing as sex: what can it possibly mean, love thy neighbors, a dull and boring lot, loving one’s country, to me a suffocating prison, or to love God, such a vague abstraction?

Wishing to experience the mystery of love I convinced myself I did, by a girl enthralled with such intense eyes full of aliveness, long raven hair and shy malicious smiles, and managed to convince myself that she was really alive, not a Sleepwalker as everyone else.

For the first time ever I could share some of my secret dreams with another, and only years later wondered if she really understood them.


To kiss and touch her she let me,

but said that too small was she still

so a few years must we to wait for that

but by then, alas, all interest had she lost in me.

This was my first irreparable loss.

Her name I remember still, Carla Silfredi.


From Vijay’s old journals – 1960 – Place not recorded

Yesterday at Renee’s house I heard again that old song of Brassens which goes

“Tu n’oubierais pas…la premiere fille…que tu as garde’ dans te bras…”, you will never forget the first girl that you held in your arms.

Then I remembered my first love, little Carla, and wondered how she is now; is she still alive? Did she marry someone who took good care of her; had she nice children, a happy or at least a bearable life?

Did she sometimes still remember me?

Years later I once waited at some distance from her house until she came out with her younger sister: she was still very beautiful but I immediately saw that she was nobody special after all, and as deeply inwardly asleep as everyone else!


From Vijay’s old journals – 1999 – Jaipur, India

So many let their love become deformed by ignorant selfishness until almost all its magic and wonder are gone, then imprison the little droplet of it they have left – if any – as if in a box until they have suffocated it completely.

My soulmate and Shakty helped me to realize what the Bhagavad Ghita says here:


“Not by the Vedas, austerity, alms to the needy or ritual offerings

can I be seen…only by love can men see Me,

know me, merge unto Me.”


Question/ko’han 1 and 2:

What do you love most?

On a scale from 0 to 100, how is your capacity to love?

It will increase.

Question/ko’han 3 and 4:

In a certain sense,


Love is the sense of oneness and pursuit

of the whole.


Are you pursuing the whole?

If not, why do you pursue only a tiny part of it?

The Whole is our birthright.

Question/ko’han 5:

Rumi said that


The Beloved is all and merely a veil the lover; the Beloved

is living but a dead thing the lover.


In which sense the lover is a dead thing?

Question/ko’han 6:

Sigmund Freud said that when we are in love we are very crazy and according to Pedro Calderon de la Barca


Any love that is not madness

isn’t real Love.


Is part of you afraid of love’s madness?

Question/ko’han 7:

A Latin proverb affirms that


Love is the fruit of love.


What does this mean, besides the obvious?


This passage noted by Vijay without any reference to who said it has the last word anyway – our apologies to its author:


There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as between an unlighted lamp and a lit one:


the lamp was there and it is a good one, but now at last

is shedding light, which is its real function.




1) Consider this passage of Krishnamurti:


If you have no love, do what you will – go after all the gods on earth, do all

the social activities, try to reform the poor, the politics, write books,

write poems – you are a dead human being.

Without love your problems will increase, multiply endlessly. And with love, do what you will, there is no risk; there is no conflict. Then love is the essence of virtue. A mind that is not in a state of love is not a religious mind at all.

2) Meditate on these words of Sri Aurobindo:


Love is the deepest and most intense and its privilege is to be the key

to the most profound and secret recesses

of the Divine Mystery.


3) Meditate also on these words of Mère:


True love has no need of reciprocation;


there can be no reciprocation because there is only one Love,

the Love which has no other aim than to love.


Which other aim has you love?


It is in the world of division that one feels the need of reciprocation—because one lives in the illusion of the multiplicity of Love; but in fact there is only One Love and it is always this sole love which, so to say, responds to itself.


Indeed, there is only one Love, universal and eternal, as there is only

one Consciousness, universal and eternal.


All the apparent differences are colorations given by individualisation and personification. But these alterations are purely superficial.

And the “nature” of Love, as of Consciousness, is unalterable.




1) This passage of Krishnamurti


Love is not a mere word. The word is not the thing.

The word love is not love.


When we use that word and try to cultivate love

it is merely a process of the mind.


Do you try to cultivate love?

It never works.

Of course, Love is spontaneity.


Love cannot be cultivated, but when we realize that the word is not the thing, then the mind, with its laws and regulations, with its rights and duties, ceases to interfere, and then only


is there a possibility of creating a new culture,

a new hope, and a new world


2) These words of Chuang T’su:


If the eye is unobstructed, the result is sight.

If the ear is unobstructed, the result is hearing.

If the nose is unobstructed, the result is smell.

If the mouth is unobstructed, the result is taste.

If the mind is unobstructed, the result is wisdom.

If the heart is unobstructed, the result is love.


3) These verses from Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri:


Love is a glory from eternity’s spheres.

Abased, disfigured, mocked by baser mights

That steal his name and shape and ecstasy,

He is still the godhead by which all can change.




Hard to say anything about with words, Love…

At the right psychological moment a hue of it,

a gesture’ vague hint of it may be given,

like a child’s finger pointing at the bright moon.

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