You have begun a fantastic Journey towards

a wondrous destination


but have only a certain amount of time to reach it in this life,

the time that your body will last.


There is a wide open road, well paved, safe and wonderful,


full of love, joy and the Divine Presence bringing to our destination, the Native Land of our heart in the shortest time possible, which Mere called: “The Sunlit Path”.


But for some strange reason so far you kept losing yourself in many lateral

bypaths full of mud, thorns, mosquitoes, scorpions, snakes

and even dangerous bandits.


Ask yourself then:


Why did I ever do such a thing?


1) You have mistaken such bypaths for shortcuts,

but this would mean that that you have a very poor contact with reality and a faulty perception;


2) Someone brainwashed you into such false directions

your family, the education you have received, your whole culture, etc.


3) You are moved by forces beyond your control

like a leaf in the wind, like a robot, like a puppet on invisible strings, unaware of where you are going and why.


4) Psychologically you are a masochist.


5) You are insane.


6) The worst possible reason is that you don’t really believe

in your wonderful destination or maybe just pretend to in order to believe in a meaning to your life.


7) A bit of all the above reasons, any combination of them.


Many will say something like:

“But I don’t know where this Wide Open Road, this “sunlit Path” is!

Don’t deceive yourself: in esoteric bookshops, in the Internet, etc


there are more all the clues you will ever need to find the Sunlit Path –

provided that you are interested enough

to look for them.


Are you interested enough to look for them?

To which extent?


The Veil

It is the Veil that makes most people think that they aren’t worthy of the Sunlit Path,


that it is not for them, that is too difficult, and that in such an exalted state

they would no longer be themselves


while it is just the opposite,


such blissful state is our original nature, what we really are

and the ordinary human condition is merely

a deep absence from ourselves.


The Dreamgame,

Mère’s Sunlit Path contains ALL the positive aspects of the Dreamgame because through it you can RIGHT NOW transform completely your life and be infinitely happy, loving and in a state of deep peace.


Enter such an exalted state



If you still find yourself unable to, ask yourself :




Which is the part of me, the “enemy within”

that prevents me from reaching it?


See also the chapter “The Self as Enemy” in the Path section of this text.


The Way:

Whoever truly seeks the Wide Open Road, the Sunlit Path,


doesn’t just keep following the old inane bypaths which do really

lead anywhere but STOPS and searches for it

with a great intensity.


How is your intensity?

As Ouspensky said,


There is no escape from the labyrinth of contradictions in which we live

except by an entirely new road, unlike anything

hitherto known or used by us.


Follow Mère’s advice:


We only have to go deep enough into ourselves to find the inner Sun

and let ourselves be bathed in it.


Then everything is but a cascade of harmonious, luminous, sun-filled laughter which leaves no room for shadow and pain.


This Sun – the Sun of divine laughter – is at the core of all, it is

the truth of everything. What is needed is to learn

to see it, feel it, live it.


Living it:

From the diaries of Prema Devi:


Is there another way to evolve and grow without having to pass

through immense pain and suffering?


Lord, in the depths of my heart I feel that there must be another road, another way, a road where we can grow, live and evolve in joy and peace, where love reigns supreme.
All this karma that we humans carry with us from life to life full of so much pain, suffering and loss, cannot it be changed, overcome, loved, forgiven?

O my Lord, show me another way, a way full of sun, full of light, full of love

and endless joy, where every child can be born in love,

where every soul may grow up with serenity.


Perhaps many will think that this is utopian, but I will keep invoking You, my Lord, for this new road ….as the mother of children that I love so much, the mother of children lost and found again, as a mother I invoke You who have no name or a form….

I invoke this new and unknown idea to come down on us all, invoke with all my heart a new road, a new Sun…


Descend, o Divine Idea….come down, in our crystallized minds, come down

in our sleeping hearts…Descend, Divine Love and through

the Divine Mother manifest the new way

of the Sun and joy.



– Meditate on this conundrum:


even many of those who have already realized that peace, love and happiness


do not depend on the external circumstances and can be theirs

right now independently from the external world,


those who have understood how they don’t need to worry about anything, fear anything because all which may confront us is a Gift of the Divine and secretly for our ultimate good,


somehow remain in the same condition as before, still subject

to suffering, anxiety and discontent.




It is just as if someone who has been a starving, homeless destitute all his life

was given a great wealth, a palace were to live, and still kept

sleeping in the street begging for his sustenance –


it really makes no sense at all.



It is just too INSANE!

What could possibly be the reason?

Find it out by yourself.


. Contemplate:


1) These verses of Rumi:


Friend, we are traveling together.

Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you

one tiny bit of the beauty that cannot be spoken.


I am like an ant that got into the granary,

ludicrously happy and trying to bring out

a grain that’s way too big.


2) These verses from Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri:


A glad communion tinged the passing hours;

The days were travelers on a destined road,

The nights companions of his musing spirit.

A heavenly impetus quickened all his breast;

The trudge of Time changed to a splendid march;

But few are they who tread the sunlit path;


Only the pure in soul can walk in light.


3) This vision of Mère:


All was gold and gold and gold, a torrent of golden light

pouring down in an uninterrupted flow


and bringing with it the consciousness that the path of the gods is a sunlit path in which difficulties lose all reality.


Such is the path open before us

if we choose to take it.


Can you think of any reason not to take it?

Don’t be deceived.




The Sunlit Path…every flower, every smile point to it

but in obscure, dangerous bypaths keep we wandering;

the wonderful wide opens sky and all the stars point to it:

why in the obscure labyrinths of our mind are we still lost?

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