Twelfth Book – The Divine Work In The Manifestation

We all came down here to accomplish a part, big or small,
in the Divine’s Work, His cosmic Plan on Earth.

Whatever our work for the Divine may be, we must first remember who we really are so that

we can be His instruments, His messengers, to those around us
still in their deep slumber and begin to awaken them.

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About the Book

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Fire and Water - The Spiritual Encyclopedia - Book 12

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Fire and Water - The Spiritual Encyclopedia - Book 12


About the Author

Who is Vijay?

There is not much what is important to know about the person Vijay, as he no longer exists. That does not mean that he died (he is still very much alive in his body) but that almost all identification he had with his body has diminished.

Vijay wrote countless books in the course of his life of which The Spiritual Encyclopedia is the most important one. He put over 12 years of tireless effort in creating something which had never been done before.

If you want to know more about Vijay, about the person he once was and who he is now, it is best to immerse yourself in his work and discover it by yourself.

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