The Key:

Be aware that




As the Buddha said:


…there is but one narrow opening, all windows are firmly shut,

and of its fire within so unaware

always remain all…


This was indeed so about 2500 years ago at the times of the Buddha, but nowadays


as we approach the quantum leap to the next level of human evolution

the opening is less narrow and many portals

have begun to open.


Saraha asked:


Who is more pitiful than who with his eyes wide open

right into the fire is walking?


Why would someone with his eyes wide open walk right into the fire?

Of course, most eyes are not yet open.

Wu Hsin’s advice is:


The whole house is on fire.

You can only take

what you can carry.

The lighter you travel,

the further you go.


What do you carry along?

What will you discard?

As Sri Aurobindo said,


There are moments when the Spirit moves among men´ and even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny, and then others

when much labor has a little result.


It is in this sense that the House is burning:


these special moments may not last quite long enough to liberate us unless

we waste no more time, find who we really are

and the Divine through them.


The way that Tennessee Williams put it is:


We all live in a house on fire,


no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window

to look out of while the fire burns the house down

with us trapped, locked in it.

There is, however, a Way Out.


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Living it:

From the Poems:


Hey, this isn’t just about some dumb kids playing with matches

close to the hay barn or the petrol pump: to a Burning House

our human condition compared was of old:


Indeed, in our unexamined lives down here

everything burns and our philosophies,

religions and mores sleep inducing devices are all,


forever striving to cover up our burning but in vain, like that old, wearisome promise of a paradise supposedly awaiting us…


beyond the flames!




As the Buddha said, everything is burning.

What is burning in you, my friend?

of your own fire within how aware are you?

This is all that really matters.

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