Stone: Diamond

The Mantra: So’ham


The Key:


Once we realize it and become who we really are at the same time we also

find the Divine, for it has no existence apart from Him.


a) As Tagore pointed out,


The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God

and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union;


not on the side of the canvas where it is blank but

on the side where the picture is being painted.


On which side is the picture being painted?

What does this imply?

Keep in mind these hints:



To imagine that the Self is shackled by mental projections is to imagine

that the fire reflected in a mirror can burn it.

The Song of the Avadhut:


The Self is not something known by the mind;
The Self is the very one who knows!

How, then, could you think to know the Self?



The Soul is a stranger trying to find a Home
somewhere that is not a where.

Your self will be revealed to you,
without you!



Anandamayi Ma:


Do not search for the Self, for this would be like youreye trying

to see your retina.You are Self.



The big thing is You.
You are missing from You.

You are the main thing missing

from your life.

You think other things are missingbut it is You that is missing.

Don’t avoid your Self.
The whole world suffers because

we avoid our Self.

b) Ramana Maharshi goes very deep into the issue:


First one sees the Self as objects, then one sees the Self as void, then one

sees the Self as Self, only in this last there is no seeing

because seeing is being.


The Self does not move.

The world moves in it.


The Self is like a pearl. To find it you must dive deep down into silence,

deeper and ever deeper until it is reached.


Follow Bassui’s advice:


Strive to find out your rational Intellect, all techniques give up;

just get rid of the notion of self.


How will you strive to find out your rational Intellect?

Do you feel ready to give up all techniques?

How about getting rid of the notion of self?

What do YOU think that your soul or Self really is?

It is infinitely MORE than that.

Nisargadatta Maharaj’s advice is also very good:


My Guru told me: the child, that you are even now,

is your true Self.


Return to that state of pure being where the “I am” is still in its purity

before being contaminated by the “I am this” and “that I am”.

Your heavy burden of false identifications –

abandon them all.


What would you need to acquire the power to abandon them all?

The Katha Upanishad sums it all up thus:


Know the Self as Lord of the Chariot,
the body as the chariot itself,

the discriminating intellect as the charioteer,

and the mind as the reins.

The senses, say the wise, are the horses;
selfish desires are the roads they travel.

The Khdir:

Be aware that


the Self cannot be sought as we seek everything else:

It is ALREADY here and now.


We are the Self; we are already That; what must be done

is only to remove the Veil preventing us

from realizing it.


Words of Power:


Outside our inner Self there is nothing

but nightmares and illusions.


“Let your self be one with something beyond it.”

The Course in Miracles


“The soul lives there in the silent breath.”



Living it:

From “The Quest”:

Somehow all my life I felt a bit like the one in these verses of Sri Aurobindo – I identify with them so completely that I could have written them myself, although of course nowhere as well as Him:


As one forgetting he searches for himself;


As if he had lost an inner light he seeks:

As a sojourner lingering amid alien scenes

He journeys to a home he knows no more.

His own self’s truth he seeks who is the Truth;


He is the Player who became the play;

He is the Thinker who became the thought;

He is the many who was the silent One.”



Only in our Self we can really be aware.


But then until we haven’t found it where are we?

Question/ko’han 2 and 3:

The Self is basically a Door.


Finding its key should not be more difficult

than awakening from a little sleep.


Do you find it easy?

If not, what will you do about it?

Question/ko’han 4 to 6:

As already mentioned,


the Divine is one with our true Self so by finding it

one discovers Him as well.


How will you find your own Self?

Why in this way and not another?

Are you sure?

Question/ko’han 7:

As Nathaniel Branden noted,


It is painful to face the self we know we have never

had the integrity to honor and assert.


Do you not find it painful?

Krishnamurti has the last word and puts it as clearly and poignantly as always:


Understanding of the self only arises in relationship, in watching yourself

in relationship to people, ideas, and things; to trees,the earth and the world around you and within you.


Relationship is the mirror in which

the self is revealed.


Is YOUR self revealed through relationships?


If not, why not?




1) As the self has no boundaries

except those that YOU accept out of ignorance,

objectively and dispassionately list all the limits which you have allowed in yourself;


– Strive to perceive the origin of each of them,

how they came into you.


– Determine the best and fastest way for you to get rid of them all

so that your original Self can be revealed…


2) Consider this passage of Jung:


The general undervaluation of the human soul is so great that neither

the great religions nor the philosophies nor scientific rationalism

have been willing to look at it twice.

Even modern psychology has the greatest difficulty in vindicating the human soul’s right to existence, and in making it credible that the soul is a mode of being with properties that can be investigated, and therefore a suitable object for scientific study; that it is not something attached to an outside, but has an autonomous inside, too, and a life of its own; that it is not just an ego-consciousness,


but an existent which in all essentials

can only be inferred indirectly.


3) Follow Nisargadatta Maharaj’s advice:


Meditate on that principle by which you know ‘you are’ and through which

you experience the world. Meditate on this knowledge

‘you are’, which is the Consciousness,

and abide therein.




1) These words of Marcus Aurelius:

The soul becomes dyed with the colors

of its thoughts.


It is not the body nor the personality that is the true self.
The true self is eternal.

Even on the point of death we can say to ourselves,

“My true self is free.
It cannot be contained.”

2) This passage of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad


You cannot see the seer of seeing; you cannot hear the hearer of hearing;

you cannot think the thinker of thinking; you cannot know the knower of knowing.


This is your Self that is within everything.

What is other than this is suffering.

3) These words of Mère:


The first form of the soul is a spark of light

from the Divine.


By evolution it becomes an individualised being and then

it can take the form it wants.


The soul is that which comes out of the Divine without ever leaving Him and goes back to Him without ever ceasing from manifestation.


The soul is the Divine made individual

without ceasing to be divine.


In the soul the individual and the Divine are eternally one.

Thus to find one’s soul is to be united with the Divine. It can therefore be said that


the role of the soul is to make of man

a true being.


In practice, in our daily life, what does it mean to be “a true being”?




Many masks and travesties the Self puts on

and as every human being appears;

when trying to grasp it more slippery

than an eel in a pool of oil turns out!

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