There is never a moment when the Self is not:

it is ever present, here and now.


You are the Self, nothing but the Self, anything else

is just imagination, so BE the Self

here and now.


The self cannot be found in books.
You have to find it for yourself, within yourself.

The Self is one and is identical with the Lord. In order to see the Self

or to see the Lord, the ego must get consumed and lost,

having surrendered itself to the Supreme Being.

The Self is one; and Self-knowledge is unique in that the knowing Self

is itself the known Self. It can never become

a known or unknown object.

You become aware of the body when you forget the Self. But can you forget the Self ?


Being the Self how can you forget it? There must be two selves

for one to forget the other.


It is absurd. So the Self is not depressed, nor is it imperfect. It is very happy. The contrary feeling is a mere thought which actually has no stamina in it.


Be rid of thoughts. Being the Self one remains always realised.

Only be free from thoughts.


Just as it is futile to examine the rubbish that has to be swept up only to be thrown away, so it is futile for him who seeks to know the Self to set to work enumerating the tattvas (classifications of the elements of existence) that envelop the Self and examining them, instead of casting them away.

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