The self, in fact, is just a bundle of perceptions

and memories,


but the more actions performed imagining that it is the self that originates and executes them, the more substance this unsubstantial entity is endowed with.

In this matter of gaining substance for itself, this structure assumes authority, takes it upon itself to mediate between consciousness and reality.

It continually intrudes between the mind and what is, screening and filtering, so that it becomes an impediment to true knowing.


The paradox is that this process is deemed an unsatisfactory condition, resulting in seeking new experiences in order to transcend this self

or to take oneself out of oneself.


The seeming self is like

The homeless man who has

Taken up residence in your shed.


He is only there because

You have acquiesced to his being there.

In that sense, you are his accomplice.


The self is really a construct of the imagination,

Something created to account for the multiplicity of

Sensory impressions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that

Come continuously.


A man kills a mosquito because it is an annoyance.

How much greater an annoyance is

The idea of a small and limited self?

Why not kill it?


The seeming self is a thief, appropriating that which

Belongs to the Self and making it its own.

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