Stone: Emerald

The Mantra: Om Jay Jivatman


The Key:


The higher Self is the Friend, a ray of the Divine


manifesting as conscious existence; it is universal, one and the same

in all, omnipresent, and contains the whole universe.


Our higher Self is a loving and wise Guide

who never fail us.


a) The Vedas introduce the issue by noting that


The ancient Rishis made themselves empty and formed their bodies

in the protection of his gaze, friends

in the gaze of a Friend.


The individualized part of our Self in Sanskrit is the Friend and called Jivatman, and is our highest part in the Manifestation,


is essentially one with the Divine and enjoying all its different forms

while remaining always secretly Him.


When Ramana Maharshi was asked by a disciple if God is separate from the Self He replied that


the Self is God.


You ARE your own Self:

Is this enough to make you feel that you are God?


b) In the Vedic Hymns to the Mystic Fire,

the higher Self is spoken of as:


– One with Agni, the flame of our aspiration;


– Seated rapturously in the middle of our house (this means in the midst of our mind and external being); born to us as a son rapturous in our house;


– A light in a house difficult to inhabit;


– Even in the stone he is there for man;


– He is one blissful in a man, whom we must call in;


– The Messenger, the Traveler, the carrier of the offerings, the navel centre of Immortality.


– The Friend.


Which of these definitions touched you most?


What does it tell you about yourself?


The Kabuli:

It is recorded hat when he was asked the meaning of this hadith from the holy Qur’an:

“First the Friend and then the Path” His only reply was:


Without the Friend, the Beloved,

there can be no Path.


The Veil:


It is the Veil which prevents us to see our Self as the Friend.

Recognize and welcome him as such RIGHT NOW.


The Dreamgame:

Like the Psychic Being, the Self as Friend is not part of the Dreamgame and has no correspondence in it, but at a certain stage of the Path


you will become aware of your own Higher Self, of his influence

and guidance, and then you will be able to go

even beyond the Witness state.


The Devil’s Advocate:

This strange idea that the self is supposed to be your friend, of which use can possibly be to you when, fortunately for us, you are not friendly to him at all?

Indeed most of the time our job is not that hard!


The Khdir:


Our true Self, the Friend, never has any negative emotions,

never get upset over anything and never has any

attachment to material things at all


but is always loving, helpful, kind,

compassionate and joyful.


But then why do you keep ignoring him?


Words of Power:


May all sentient beings always

reveal their true Self!


“To him who has subdued the lower self by the

higher self, the self acts like a friend.”

The Bhagavad Ghita


To which extent have you subdued the lower self?


Are you SURE that it hasn’t just gone underground waiting for its chance to re-emerge and take you over again?

Look also in your subconscious.


Living it:

From “The Quest”:


How I first began to perceive a glimpse of my true Self, the Friend, is best expressed by Machado:


“Of him a glimpse have I caught in dreams: expert hunter

of himself, every minute in ambush.”

The strange thing is that even when I knew he really was the Friend something in me still kept running away from him.

Fortunately He is the best possible hunter, and great at ambushes!


From Vijay’s old journals – 1968 – Rameswaram, India

This morning the great Tantric Sri Nilakanta Joshi – Panditji to his disciples and friends – told me that all I needed to find out who I really was:


Very simply, letting go of everything

which is not really you.


He then added that I should never forget that the Self was my best friend if I kept working to conquer myself,


but if I neglected to, in order to awaken me the Self

would go to war against me.


Indeed it went to war against me and defeated me utterly.

I still shudder at the thought of what would have happened to me if I had won!

Perish the thought!


The Way:


Feel the wonder of your Higher Self, the Friend as Love,

Ecstasy, Truth, Vision, Wisdom, Beauty, Creativity

and Conscious Immortality.


Hakim Sanai’s advice is:

The way is not far
from you to the Friend:

you yourself are that way:so set out along it.


Rumi’s advice is one of the best:


See the Friend directly, or burn in longing for Him –

what does the whole world matters apart from That?


To arrive, at last, at the vision of the Friend,

keep your soul prostrate before the image you have of Him.

Stay standing before him like the base of a lamp…


Never say: “I am so far from my true Self, the Friend.”

But tell yourself:


My true Self, the friend, is closer to me

than my own flesh and bones.


Question/ko’han 1 to 3:

How close are you to your true Self, the Friend?

Why not closer?

What prevents you from being much closer to him?

Question/ko’han 4 and 5:


It is the light of the Self which manifests all highest beauty,

wonder and love in the world.


Can you see the light of the Self?

If not, what is the obstacle?

Question/ko’han 6 and 7:

What are you usually showing to those close to you, your ego?

Or your Higher Self, the Friend?


The last word is that:


Whoever seeks his ultimate fulfillment anywhere else than in his own Higher Self,

the Friend, or directly in the Divine is like a thirsty man

looking for water in the most arid desert of all.


Where do you seek your ultimate fulfillment?


Don’t be any longer deceived.




1) Imagine as vividly as possible


that you have the best possible friend, one who is always a great joy to be with, who understands you much better than you understand yourself and always


helps you to solve all your problems, heals all suffering and guides you

towards always a greater Peace, Love and Vision

and ultimately to the Divine.


– Realize that indeed


you do have such a Friend in you:

your Higher Self.


2) Meditate on these words of these already mentioned words of the Bhagavad Ghita:


For the self verily is both the friend

and the foe of the self.


To him who has subdued the lower self by the higher self,

the self acts like a friend.


But to him who has lost his higher self by the dominance

of the lower one the self functions as the enemy,

always hostile to him.




– These verses of Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri:


A greater Personality sometimes


Possesses us which yet we know is ours:

Or we adore the Master of our souls.

Then the small bodily ego thins and falls;

No more insisting on its separate self,


Losing the punctilio of its separate birth,

It leaves us one with Nature and with God.




After most of my mind’s dross I cleared out

my Self finally I found and saw

how I had never been myself at all

the greatest shock of my life it was!

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