Imagine the sea in a dark and stormy night: thunder, lighting,

huge waves crashing down in a cloud of foam

and darkness all around…


looking at it this undeniably seems the sea’s reality,


but after all it is only a few meters of the surface, and just below it

are miles and miles of very quiet, infinitely silent

and peaceful waters!


This is the TRUE reality of the sea,



Similarly all our conflicts, uncertainties, fears and suffering can only occur in the most superficial part of our being, in our ego and apparent personality,


never in our depths, never in what

we really ARE.


Our true Self is the whole ocean and all our difficulties are merely shallow agitations on our outermost surface.


We are always in a state of deep peace in our depths even when

upset and shaken on the surface.


As Nisargadatta Maharaj noted,


Pain and pleasure are the crests and valleys in the ocean of bliss.

Deep down there is utter fullness


So far you have mostly lived on the outermost levels of your being,


shaken by the waves of conflicts, frustrations and disappointments,

the currents and vortexes of desire, likes and dislikes.


Almost all of us have been drowning in a morass of misperceptions and false beliefs, desires, habits, etc,


and by identifying ourselves with the waves on our surface

we lost contact with our depths.


To which extent have you lost contact with your depths?

Well, it is probably quite a bit more than that


In our depths abides such a wonderful loving peace and joy, but on our surface we can only find a tiny fraction of them at best.

This is what makes you feel so limited and incomplete.


you have identified yourself with small drop of sea water

and seen the Ocean as something

other than yourself,


therefore have been thrown here and there by the waves of the forces of your life, at times in painful or stressful directions:


Center yourself in your true home, the depths of the Inner Ocean

where there is no longer any suffering,

fear or uncertainty.


How will you center yourself?

Ramana Maharshi offers a hint:


The wave said to the sea: “Could I be like you? The sea replied:
It’s easy…just settle down.

It is difficult for you to settle down?


Don’t be deceived.

Farid al-Din Attar has the last word:


The Sea will be the Sea whatever

the drop’s philosophy.




– Meditate on this passage of Mère:


On the surface is the storm, the sea is in turmoil, waves clash and leap one on another and break with a mighty uproar.


But all the time, under this water in fury, are vast smiling expanses,

peaceful and motionless.


They look upon the surface agitation as an indispensable act; for matter has to be vigorously churned if it is to become capable of manifesting entirely the divine light.

Behind the troubled appearance, behind the struggle and anguish of the conflict,


the consciousness remains firm at its post; observing all the movements

of the outer being, it intervenes only to rectify direction and position,

so as not to allow the play to become too dramatic.


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