Mère asked:


How come that you do not feel

this ravishment?


Wherever you are not in a state of loving ecstasy, in the Ravishment it means that


you do not know who you really are and remain

far from your inner being.


Nothing is more important that discovering it, because it is the best shortcut to the Divine.


You do not know why you have certain thought,

beliefs, inclinations.


Nothing that you can ever do in more important that discovering it.


EVERYTHING that you really want and infinitely more than that

is ALREADY there for you, in YOU.


All you have to do is to remove the Veil, the psychological blocks preventing us from realizing it.


The Veil:


Never let the Veil deceive you, tell you that such an exalted aim is only

for very special people: it is the secret destiny of all,

our ultimate accomplishment.


The Dreamgame:

In the Dreamgame, the Ravishment is always one of our greatest HELPERS.


The Way:


Unless you have the rapture of an intense love in your heart,

you are not yet inwardly awake.


To which extent can you intensely love all and everything?

If not so much, what will you DO about it?

Of course we don’t have to love selfishness and evil,


but should love the souls who have accepted to pick up that burden

in the Divine’s cosmic Design.


In our evolution’s race battle against immemorial death the Ravishment is our best helper to reach Moksha, our Liberation, Nirvana, the Great Awakening to reach it before the death of our physical body, and therefore it is also a race against Time.


But the Ravishment can only be in the Here and Now, in a dimension

where there is no longer any time at all


Mere offers this vivid image of it:


If you can imagine, for example, a honeycomb, well… a honeycomb which would have the capacity to taste itself and at the same time each drop

of honey; not only to taste itself as honey,

but to taste itself in each drop,


being each drop of the honeycomb, and if each one of these drops could taste all the others, itself and all the others, and at the same time if each drop could taste, could have the taste of the whole honeycomb as if it were itself. So, it would be a honeycomb capable of tasting itself and tasting in detail all the drops in the honeycomb,


and each drop capable of tasting itself and all the others individually

and the honeycomb as a whole, as itself….

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