Stone: Diamond

The Mantra: So‘ham


The Key:


The psychic being is our highest part in the Manifestation and has the clearest

vision of the Truth; it is the abode of pure love and ecstasy

sustaining us in our most difficult times.


a) Mère introduces the issue by defining the psychic being thus:


– The flame of the Godhead always alight within us;


– A flame born out of the Divine;


– A little flame burning in the midst of a great darkness.


In English the word psychic is often used in the wrong sense


and applied to anything paranormal or deeper than the ordinary perceptions, séances, anything “occult”, and this brought about a lot of confusion.


The psychic being is always centered

in the truth,


has the true intuitive knowledge and the awareness of our essential oneness with the Divine and all which exists, all which will ever exist, but in most is not yet predominant.


When fully developed becomes like a subtle armor of energy protecting our whole being


and manifesting all the highest potentialities that we can access at our stage of evolution.


The psychic being abides in our Inner Heart and by its presence alone

supports and enhances all our upward strivings,

gradually transforming and divinizing us.


Wouldn’t you like to enhance all your upward strivings?

Can you feel your psychic being gradually transforming and divinizing you?

As Sri Aurobindo noted,


The psychic being does not demand

or desire – it aspires.


It does not make conditions for its surrender or withdraw it if its aspiration is not immediately fulfilled,


for the psychic being has complete trust in the Divine or in the Guru

and can wait for the right time or hour

of the Divine Grace.


b) The psychic being never loses the contact with the Divine,


is never deceived but always aware of what is in the Truth and what it is not the Truth; it is a flame which doesn’t change, our true Guide leading us towards yet unconceivable wonders.

It is the inner Voice talking to the mystics and saints in the desert, what carries

us from birth to birth, forever undefiled by all the imperfections

and impurities in our lower being.


It is forever undefiled by all the imperfections or impurities of YOUR lower being.

In its origin it is a pure ray of the Divine and through every incarnation becomes always more and more conscious


until it is in front, one with the Divine Will, and takes charge

of our whole being.

It is the best thing that can happen to us.


c) At first, the psychic being is covered up,

suffocated and stifled by the ego and a swamp of false identifications, desires, fears, past karmas, etc,


and yet it already works to illuminate our whole being and clear up all its imperfections and negativities.

It doesn’t attempt to take over this dark and stubborn swamp all at once but


begins by influencing its more receptive elements and from them

gradually spreads to the rest.


Sri Aurobindo poetically called it


The traveler between birth and death.


According to Him the psychic being


is in the heart centre in the middle of the chest,

but it is deep behind.


When one is going away from the vital into the psychic, it is felt as if one is going deep down till one reaches that central place of the psychic.

The surface of the heart centre is the place of the emotional being;


from there one goes deep to find the psychic.


d) According to the Rig Veda, the psychic being is:


-The child suppressed in the secret cavern


– The life and the breath of our existence, he is like

our eternal child


– The son of heaven by the body of the earth


– He is there in the middle of the house


– The shining King who was hidden from us.


The Katha Upanishad adds that:


He that is awake in those who sleep.


Mère said that the psychic being is not in the physical heart,

as generally assumed:


It is in a fourth dimension, an inner dimension.


But it is in that region, the region somewhat behind the solar plexus, it is there that one find it most easily. The psychic being is in the fourth dimension as related to our physical being.


What does this imply?

As She warned:


It is not till the psychic is felt as yourself that you can be an individual even;

for it is the true self in you. Before the true self is known,

you are a public place, not a being.


Sri Aurobindo adds that:


It is only the inmost psychic being unveiled and emerging in its full power

that can lead the pilgrim sacrifice unscathed

through these ambushes and pitfalls;


at each moment it catches, exposes, repels the mind’s and the life’s falsehoods, seizes hold on the truth of the Divine Love and Ananda and separates it from the excitement of the mind’s ardor and the blind enthusiasm of the misleading life-force.

But all things that are true at their core in mind and life


and the physical being it extricates and takes with it in the journey till they stand

on the heights, new in spirit and sublime in figure.


The Veil:


Our psychic being is never deceived by the Veil,

but WE are.


The Dreamgame:

Our psychic being is not part of the Dreamgame and has no correspondence in it,


but as most of us are still so far from ourselves the transition from our apparent “I” to our true Self would have been impossible without a bridge,


the part of us which is already immortal, secretly supporting us

from within: our psychic being.


As Sri Aurobindo said,


If you have in you a psychic sufficiently awakened to take care of you,

to prepare you for the journey, it can attract to you

the things that will help you,


people, books, circumstances, all kinds of small coincidences that come to you from some benevolent will and give you an indication, a help, a support to make decisions and to turn you in the right direction.


But once you have taken this decision, as soon as you have decided to find

the truth of your being, as soon as you sincerely start on the journey,

then every event seems to conspire to help you to advance.


According to the Upanishad:

A conscious being is at the center of the self, who rules past and future; he is like

a fire without smoke. . .That, one must disengage with patience

from one’s own body.


How will you disengage it from your own body?


The Devil’s Advocate:

Talk about your “psychic being all you want, but how do you know that it isn’t just a fabrication of your dreaming mind?


The Khdir:


The psychic being is the psychological center of your being, the deepest core

of the truth of your existence. Nothing is more important than

to emerge from the ego’s prison to unite with it.


Do you consider something else more important?


Ha ha ha ha!


Words of Power:


May all sentient beings awaken

to their psychic being!


“The psychic being is, so to say, the vehicle of the Divine,

it contains the Divine, is the habitation

of the Divine.” Mere,


Living it:

From “The Quest”:


Once the psychic began awakening in me at last I was no longer deceived by so many false appearances and by all my old wrong identifications, and then naturally and spontaneously began opening my heart.


I have only had a real regret, not having

opened to it long ago!


The Way:

As our psychic being begins to emerge it reveals itself of the nature of love, wisdom and joy;


Then it is naturally and spontaneously drawn to the Divine as a bird to the sky, as a bee to a flower, rejecting all which isn’t in harmony with the Truth.


Only when our psychic is fully developed and has taken over our whole being

we can be a perfect Divine instrument here on earth.



The text known as The Flame and the Oil affirms that:


At each insinuation of the world-force and of the vital-will in their multiple disguises the Psychic learns to lovingly absorb the conflict, the confusion, the incompleteness and the hiatus in the cosmic continuity, and, free of judgments, free of an absolute posture, free of rigidity,


but moved by love of the perfection, the sole reality, moved by love learns to elevate obscurity, the raw matter of the world’s cross, on the altar

of the offer of himself to the Supreme.


As Mère said,


The emergence of the secret psychic being in us as the leader of the sacrifice is

of the utmost importance; for this inmost being alone can bring with it

the full power of the spirit in the act, the soul in the symbol.


It alone can assure, even while the spiritual consciousness is incomplete, the perennial freshness and sincerity and beauty of the symbol and prevent it from becoming a dead form or a corrupted and corrupting magic;


it alone can preserve for the act its power

with its significance.


Sri Aurobindo adds that:


It is by the growth of the psychic element in one’s nature

that one begins to come into conscious touch

with one’s central being above.

When that happens and the central being uses a conscious will to control and organize the movements of the nature, it is then that one has a real, a spiritual as opposed to a partial and merely mental or moral self-mastery.


Do not say: “I am my psychic being.”

But tell yourself:


I am a ray of the Divine, one with Him, and He expresses Himself best

through my psychic being.


Or tell yourself with Mere’s words:


When the mind is playing its own game or when the vital being is carried

away by its own impulses, it is the psychic being which says:


I don’t want these things; what am I here for after all? I am here

for the Truth, not here for these things.


Question/ko’han 1 and 2:

How do you conceive of your own psychic being?

That’s all?

Question/ko’han 3 and 4:

How close are you to your psychic being?

That’s all?

Question/ko’han 5 to 7:

This may sound like the same question but it isn’t:

How close is your psychic being to you?

If you do not feel it close to you, why?

What are you going to do about it?


Sri Aurobindo has the last word:


The psychic being turns towards the divine Truth as the sunflower

to the sun and acts like a searchlight showing up all that

must be changed in our nature.




1) Consider these words of Sri Aurobindo:


The psychic being accepts and clings to all that is divine or progressing towards divinity, and draw back from all that is a perversion or a denial of it, from all that is false and undivine. …


Its action is like a searchlight showing up all that

has to be changed in the nature.


The psychic being is quite different from the mind or vital; it stands behind them where they meet in the heart. Its central place is there, but behind the heart rather than in the heart; for what men call usually the heart is the seat of emotion, and human emotions are mental-vital impulses, not ordinarily psychic in their nature.


This mostly secret power behind, other than the mind and the life-force,

is the true soul, the psychic being in us.


2) Meditate on these words of Mère:


If you have in yourself a psychic being enough awakened to take care of you, to prepare your path, it can draw to you helpful things, people, books, circumstances, all kinds of small coincidences


that arrives as if brought about by a benevolent will which give you

an indication, a help, a support to take decisions

and turn to the right direction.


Once you have taken this decision, as soon as you have decided to find the truth of your being, as soon as you start on the path,


then every event seems to conspire

to help you to progress.


3) Remember that as Mère also said:


To be conscious of your psychic being you must be able to have felt

the fourth dimension at least once; otherwise

you cannot really know what it is.


– Practice feeling the fourth dimension


FEEL it, don’t just think about it.




1) This passage of Sri Aurobindo:


The psychic entity in us persists and is fundamentally the same always:

it contains all essential possibilities of our manifestation

but is not constituted by them;


it is not limited by what it manifests, not contained by the incomplete forms of the manifestation, not tarnished by the imperfections and impurities, the defects and depravations of the surface being.


It is an ever-pure flame of the divinity in things and nothing that

comes to it, nothing that enters into our experience

can pollute its purity or extinguish the flame.


2) These words of Mère:


One has the feeling -this is a feeling one very often has in the beginning of the sadhana – that the psychic being is as though shut up in a kind of hard shell, a prison,


and that this is what prevents it from manifesting outwardly and entering

into a conscious and constant relation with the outer

consciousness, the outer being.


One has altogether the feeling that it is as though enclosed in a box or in a prison with walls which must be broken or a door which must be forced in order to be able to enter.


So naturally if one can break the walls, open the door, it liberates

the psychic being which was shut in and which

can now manifest externally.


3) This description of the psychic being by Mere:


To a seeing eye, this is how the psychic being appears: When you look at someone who is conscious of his soul and lives in his soul


you feel you are going deep, deep down into the person,

far, very far within.


While generally, when you look into people’s eyes (there are eyes you cannot go into, they are like closed doors, but some eyes are open, and you can enter), well, very close to the surface, you encounter something that vibrates, and sometimes shines and sparkles. You may misidentify this and say to yourself, “Oh, he has a living soul!” but that’s not it. It is his vital.


To find the soul you must withdraw from the surface, withdraw deep inside,

enter far within, go deep, deep down, into a very deep,

silent, and still cavity;


and there is something warm, quiet, of a rich substance,

very still and very full, and exceedingly soft –

that is the soul.


If you insist and are conscious yourself, you experience a feeling of plenitude and fullness, something with unfathomable depths. You feel that if you entered there, many secrets would be revealed;


it’s like the reflection of something eternal upon a calm, peaceful surface of water. Time ceases to exist. You feel you have always been

and will be for all eternity.





My psychic being through me loved,

helped all those I could do something for,

the best parts of my poems and books wrote

and yet mostly I paid him no attention at all!




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