When the vast majority of people say “I”, it is a part of them, of their feeling, their body, their thought, indifferently, which speaks; it is something that always changes. Therefore, their “I” is innumerable, or the “I” always varies.


What is the constant thing therein?

The psychic being, evidently.


The psychic being is an individual, personal being with its own experience, its own development, its own growth, its own organisation; only, this organisation is the product of the action of a central divine spark.

There is only one thing which knows in you, that’s your psychic;


it makes no mistake, it will immediately, instantaneously tell you, if you obey it without a word and without your ideas and arguments,

it will make you do the right thing.


The psychic is the delegate of this Divine in the earth life, for the growth on earth. But the part of the central being which is identified with the Divine remains identified with the Divine and does not change.

Even during life it is identified with the Divine, and after death it remains what it was in life, for it this makes no difference.


It is the psychic being which has alternations of experience

and assimilation, experience and assimilation.


the psychic has alternate periods of activity and rest; it has a life of progress resulting from experiences of the physical life, of active life in a physical body, with all the experiences of the body, the vital and the mind; then, normally, the psychic goes into a kind of rest for assimilation where the result of the progress accomplished during its active existence is worked out, and when this assimilation is finished,


when it has absorbed the progress it had prepared in its active life on earth,

it comes down again in a new body bringing with it

the result of all its progress


and, at an advanced stage, it even chooses the environment and the kind of body and the kind of life in which it will live to complete its experience concerning one point or another.

In some very advanced cases the psychic can, before leaving the body, decide what kind of life it will have in its next incarnation… And later, when it is fully formed and returns to earth with the idea of service, of collective help and participation in the divine Work,


then it is able to bring to the body in formation certain elements of the mind and vital from previous lives which, having been organized and impregnated

with psychic forces in previous lives, could be preserved


and, consequently, can participate in the general progress. But this is at a very, very advanced stage.

When the psychic is fully developed and very conscious, when it becomes a conscious instrument of the divine Will, it organizes the vital and the mind in such a way that they too participate in the general harmony and can be preserved.


the psychic is behind the whole organization, this triple organization of human life and consciousness, the psychic is behind and supports it

by its consciousness which is an immortal one.


It is because of the psychic that we have so clear a sense of continuity. Otherwise if you compare what you now are with what you were when you were three, obviously you couldn’t recognize yourself in any way, either physically or vitally or mentally. There is no resemblance of any kind.

But behind


there is the psychic which supports the development, the growth of the being

and gives this continuity of consciousness, makes one feel that

he is the same being even while being absolutely different.


For your psychic being is that part of you

which is already given to the Divine.


It is its influence gradually spreading from within towards the most outward and material boundaries of your consciousness that will bring about the transformation of your entire nature. There can be no obscurity here; it is the luminous part in you.


The psychic being is the real individuality of the true

and divine individual within you.


For your individuality means your special mode of expression and your psychic being is a special aspect of the one Divine Consciousness that has taken shape in you. But in the psychic consciousness there is not that sense of division between the individual and the universal consciousness which affects the other parts of your nature.


You are conscious there that your individuality is your own line of expression,

but at the same time you know too that it is an expression objectifying

the one universal consciousness.




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