It is then extremely likely that if you make a list of both the positive and the negative qualities which now as an adult you attribute to your parents


is the mirror of your expectations, beliefs or fears

towards the Divine Father or Mother.


It is probable that, for example, if you have perceived in them anger towards you this be the mirror of one of your expectations, beliefs or projections that the Creator is angry with you.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then tell yourself:

I allow myself to feel, to remember, I remember, I allow myself to remember”.

Imagine that you have but a minute to live and that you must tell to your Father and Mother what you feel towards them:


what would you tell them? What would you expect that they would tell you?

What would you like very much that they told you?


And if instead you were asked to imagine in that last minute what you

would tell your Divine Father or Mother, what would you

expect, what would you like being told?


If you feel that, consciously or unconsciously, you have always sought the approval and respect of your parents because they are the representation of the Divinity, you will understand why you have your life in a certain way.


How then do you apply this mirror in your life?


If it is true that your father and mother of this world have held to you a mirror of your beliefs regarding your relationship with your heavenly Mother/Father,


what happens if you choose to see the mirror differently?


What happens if you hold your “ill” and “diseases” parents in the vision of perfection, without judgment of the physical illusion that they project? Acknowledging their choice of life expression,


what happens if you choose to see through the illusion?


Herein lays the beauty of the hologram and the surrogate expression. By virtue of healing your illusions and relationships with your earthly mother and father, you have healed your perception of your relationship with their heavenly counterparts. Your earthly surrogates of mother and father allow you to work through the greatest relationship that this life will ever offer, taking as long as it takes within the span of their lifetime. When their lives are complete, you will continue on your own until the relationship is clear and it makes sense to you.

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