There is an increasing materiality and a decreasing materiality, and the physical plane is at the centre:


it is like a screen on which all the intervening vibrations are projected

and held, as upon a screen – it is an image, an image

of all that is happening.


We notice it because it is a thing done, something concrete. It is as though you viewed the whole universe as a movement of force and this movement of force were projected till it met a screen and on the screen it made an image, and this image on the screen is the physical world. And it is a mere image.


The physical world which everyone takes as the only reality is simply

an image. It is the image of all that happens

in what we call the invisible.


It becomes visible to us because there is a screen which intervenes and stops the vibrations and that produces an image. If there were no such screen the vibrations would move on and nothing would be seen. And yet all the movements would exist.


But for us they would be invisible, if there were

no screen to stop the vibrations.


And a screen that’s all white, quite smooth, that does not deform. If the screen were not quite smooth and very white, your image would be all hazy, you would not be able to see anything. Well, it is the same thing.


The screen must be very white, quite smooth, quite clean, quite pure.

Then one sees things as they are.


You must have a great deal of sincerity, a little courage and perseverance and then a sort of mental curiosity, you understand, curious, seeking to know, interested, wanting to learn.

Have you never seen distorting mirrors? Mirrors which make you look taller or fatter, which enlarge one part and reduce another, you are faced with a grotesque caricature of yourself –


well, this is exactly what happens: in the other person’s consciousness you have an altogether grotesque caricature of what you have said.


And people imagine that they have understood each other because they have heard the sound of words, but they haven’t communicated.




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