We do not create our thoughts


but receive them from the mental atmosphere all around us j

ust like a radio receives wavelengths.


The first radios brought to India by the English were large wooden boxes, and at the times in the countryside few had heard of electricity, let alone radios; so when an illiterate villager saw a big box out of which came music and singing he could only think that inside there must be a dwarf singing and playing a musical instrument.

So he asked Sri Ramakrishna who happened to be there:


Is the man inside the box free to sing anything he wants or must he

sing only the songs that the company who made

those boxes tells him to sing?


How would you answer, is he free or not?


Surprisingly, when Vijay told this metaphor to various people from all walks of life and asked them this question many actually replied that the “man is the radio” was free, or that he was not!

Ha ha ha ha!


Of course there is no one inside the radio at all!


Only electrical wirings, valves are there, relays tuning into a radio station or another, all our conditionings from the past!


Looking within yourself all that you are likely to see at first are the equivalent

of those electrical wirings and valves, the mechanisms

of your conditionings, not who you really are.


Looking within yourself, what do you see?

Ramana Maharshi made a similar example:


See! The radio sings and gives speeches. It even announces the names

of the performers. But there is nobody inside the radio. In the same way,

my existence is also like the sky.


Though the body may appear to speak, like a radio

it has no individual person inside.

There is only God.


Nassim Aramein agrees:


Looking for consciousness in the brain is like

looking inside a radio for the announcer.


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