Stone: All Centering stones.

The Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

The Key:

To someone who asked Him about the Way, the Buddha remained silent and just gave him a flower.


Silence is the ultimate Key.


As Sri Aurobindo said,


Always we bear in us a magic key

Concealed in life’s hermetic envelope.


But as not so many are already able to receive it through silence almost every Teacher had to put it into words.

Actually, with the right attitude


almost everything can be a Key to us.


Which is the right attitude?

But the problem is that


we keep looking for the lock somewhere outside ourselves,

while of course it is within us.


Why do we keep looking for it outside us?

Krishnamurti echoes the vision of the ancient Masters:


In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn,


the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth

can give you either the key or the door to open,

except yourself.


Indeed any real Teacher can tell you where the Key can be found, but you will still need

to heal or dissolve all the psychological blocks preventing you from finding it,


you still must go deep within yourself

to find and fully realize it.


Words of Power:


“Love is the deepest and most intense and its privilege is to be the key to

the most profound and secret recesses of the Divine Mystery.”

Sri Aurobindo


“Go within your little person and you will find the key

which opens all the doors.” Mère


Question/ko’han 1 to 3:

Are you seeking for the Key?

If yes, where?

If not, or not much, why not?


Wu Hsin has the last word:


Giving attention to What-Is and not giving

attention to what appears to be,

is the key to open the prison door.




1) Meditate on these words of Mère:


The vast majority of men are like prisoners with all the doors and windows closed, so they suffocate, which is quite natural.


But they have with them the key that opens the doors

and windows, and they do not use it….


Certainly there is a time when they don’t know they have the key, but long after they have come to know it, long after they have been told about it, they hesitate to use it and doubt whether it has the power to open the doors and windows or even that it is a good thing to open them!

And even when they feel that “after all, it might be good”, there remains some fear: “What will happen when these doors and windows are opened?…”


and they are afraid.


Why are they afraid of?

Are you afraid?


There is actually nothing to be afraid of.

More than any actual dangers or mishaps,


what most are really afraid of is to lose their countless limitations,

habits, ways of being and quite a few even to lose

the suffering they are identified with.


2) Follow Mère’s advice:


There is something to do: to work, it is so interesting. You represent a small agglomerated mass of substance that makes up yourself.


Enter within and find the key.


You have only to go down inside there. You cannot say: “That is beyond me, it is too big for me.”


Go within your little person and you will find the key

which opens all the doors.


Where is the Key in your little person?




– These verses of Wu Hsin:


The investigation of confusion is a key.

By being clear about confusion,

one becomes cleared of confusion.


Wu Hsin gives you the key:

either you use it to open the door or

you put it in your pocket with

all the other keys

you have accumulated.




Far too many false keys are always there

confusing us, making us forget

the most important Question: who

or what in us is seeking the Key?

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