Kabir speaks from the heart to you:


O Friend, beloved heart, consider well: if indeed you love,

why do you keep sleeping?


Do you indeed love?

Why do you keep sleeping?

The Course in Miracles warns:


You must learn the cost of sleeping

and refuse to pay it.


Have you already learned the cost of sleeping?

It cost far too much.

Are you willing to pay such a price?

In the end, it will cost you ALL you think that you have.

It will cost your whole life.

Rather than paying such a price, you would be better off buying the Brooklyn Bridge.


For most the cost of sleeping is finding out only when they are already old

and close to death that they have wasted their whole life

without ever really living it.


But surely you will not do that!

If you are reading this text you are already less inwardly asleep than most.

but must still be on your guard because


there are moments when the influence of the sleepwalkers all around you

could bring you down back to their level.


In the course of time Vijay and Prema Devi brought quite a few of their students some steps forward to their awakening, only to see them fall back into their familiar slumber, and realized that when someone is having a nightmare no matter how much you love this person


because until he begins to awaken it is very difficult to help him,

for only then he can realize that the nightmare

isn’t real after all.


When someone is physically sleeping and in the midst of a dream,


how can he make himself awaken?


How would you make yourself Awaken?

Only the Divine can:


He comes into our sleep, into our nightmares, loving and gently

if possible, violently and shockingly if not, always trying

to wake all of us up at last.


But we cannot be aware of His coming while we are still more interested in worldly things than Him, not until we are ready to eagerly welcome Him.


Awakening at last from our inner slumber requires letting go

of absolutely ALL else that some parts of us

are still attached to.


What are you waiting for?


The Kabuli

The Kabuli said that:


Only after I saw Allah’s glory for the first time I realized how I had always

been so deeply inwardly asleep, dreaming all things

just as if they had been real.


Just like you are still dreaming them sometimes.


Ha ha ha ha!

Nisargadatta Maharaj has the last word:


Once you have seen that you are dreaming, you shall wake up.


But you do not see, because you want

the dream to continue.


A day will come when you will long for the ending of the dream,

with all your heart and mind,


and be willing to pay any price; the price will be dispassion and detachment,

the loss of interest in the dream itself.

How are you dispassion and detachment?

To which extent are you still interested in the dream itself?

Don’t be deceived.

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