To the ignorant the ‘I’ is the self limited to the body; to the Wise the ‘I’ is the Self Infinite.

That which arises in the physical body as ‘I’

is the mind.


The body does not say ‘I’. No one will argue that even in deep sleep the ‘I’ ceases to exist.


Once the ‘I’ emerges, all else emerges. With a keen mind

enquire whence this ‘I’ emerges.


This inert body does not say ‘I’. Reality-Consciousness does not emerge.


Between the two, and limited to the measure of the body,

something emerges as ‘I’.


It is this that is known as Chit-jada-granthi (the knot between the Conscious and the inert), and also as bondage, soul, subtle-body, ego, samsara, mind, and so forth.


I” means movement of memory. Movement of memory

is not continuous. So “I”

is not continuous.


Just as light in candle though it appears continuous isonly a series of light, just like series of pictures played on screen appear continuous, “I” seems like a continuous entity.


It is a series of discontinuous movements of memory

which cause illusion of a continuous entity.


The ‘I’ is a distortion of this state of quietude, being

a movement,a wave in the ocean of stillness.



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