Stone: Blue Sapphire

The Mantra: Asat Ma Sat Gamaya.


The Key:


There is something so obvious which almost none can see,

a blindspot preventing us from realizing it

until we are ready to deal with it.


Are you ready?


It can be quite a shock to realize this for the first time:


Whatever it is that we really want, from happiness and peace to find who we really are and the Divine,



as now we believe that we are.




a) The issue is introduced by the observation that:


The “I” that we are so identified with


and has never been.


It is only a PUPPET pulled around by the invisible wires of all the forces

of our life and conditionings going on mechanically in all sorts of inane directions.

All the various parts of which our surface being is made, the forces of our lives from the past – physical, emotional, mental, are like programs in the computer of our brain and they






Programmed to by whom?

By our culture, family, childhood impressions, education, past lives, etc.

What about YOU?

Look at it.


You may think that you want love, healing, security, peace, adventure, enjoyments, knowledge, self-improvement, or even something considered “bad”, but what you REALLY want, even if you aren’t yet aware of it,



the original state in which you were still aware

of being one with Him.




if you seek it as yourself you cannot even begin to find

neither yourself nor the Divine –

only He in you can.


b) Almost everyone is under the illusion

that it is the “I” they identify themselves with, which is merely the ambivalent mixture of their ego, character, memories and personality, who will find whatever they want, without asking themselves this basic question:




Can “you” perceive who is looking, who is seeking in you?


Until we are still identified with our self-image we cannot find

who we really are because it is like a mirage

in the desert of the non-Self.


But the fact that you are reading this text shows that someone or something is seeking in you after all.



Find it out for yourself.


If someone else tells you it won’t have

the same liberating power.


c) As the ancient mystery schools affirm:


Who is not seeking is very deeply asleep,

and who is seeking is a beggar.


Are you deeply asleep or a beggar?

Ha ha ha ha!

Most are a mixture of both.

Foyan said the same thing in his own words:


if you seek, how are you different from pursuing sound and form?

If you do not seek, aren’t you the same

as earth, wood and stone?


Then answered his own question thus.


You must seek without seeking.


Probably to many this makes no sense at all.

How can we seek without seeking?


We cannot.


As already mentioned, only the Divine can, and He is already doing it in us.



All you can do in not to put obstacles in His way.


A bit more cooperation on your part would also help!

If you don’t mind our saying so.


d) As Rumi said, the Divine tells each human being on earth:


I am your deepest being: stop talking

about seeking me!


Give up searching for Him outside yourself, for He is nearer to you than our own flesh and bones.

Another aspect of the same blindspot is that when strive to find yourself, to unite with the Divine, to achieve the Great Liberation,


most believe that they will still be the very same “person”, only achieve

a state of more peace, love, wisdom, vision, joy, etc.


The main point is that


the Great Liberation is not FOR the self

but FROMthe self.


Your old personality, character, ego and self-image

must DIE for the real YOU to emerge at last.


How does this make you feel?

Like throwing away this text and picking up a Playboy or a woman’s magazine?

Or determined to get rid of the blindspot as soon as possible, like right now?


Please look at this a bit longer before reading on


Living it:

From “The Quest”:


A passage by B. Griffith made me realize what my real problem with seeking was:


“I suddenly saw that all the time it was not I who had been seeking God,

but God who had been seeking in me.


I had made myself the centre of my own existence

and had my back turned to God.”


Question/Ko’han 1 to 4:

To which extent are you aware of your own blindspot?

That’s all?

How does it make you feel?

How will you become free of it?


The last word is that:


When our “I” is sincerely sought it just cannot be found

which means that our search is already over

and nothing is left to be sought.




The Zen Master points to the fire, but his disciples

only its smoke can see; the Mystery schools

of the Well at the World’s End speak, but merely

the old water they already know most find there


Please don’t pass on to the next chapter yet; consider what you just read a while longer.

Seeing clearly the blindspot is the key to worlds and worlds of wonder.

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