Stone: Blue Sapphire

The Mantra: Om Nidra Stambana


The Key:


No matter how painful, even terrifying it can be,


we must find the courage to admit to ourselves that we are still

inwardly deeply asleep, for until then we will have

no chance to ever wake up.


a) After such a millenary sleep, life after life,


to begin to Awaken we will have to deal with whatever tendencies

are still in us to fall back into our old slumber.


Which are the main tendencies still in you to fall back into your own inner slumber?

What are you going to do about them?

The ancient fable of Sleeping Beauty reveals the secret:


You are Sleeping Beauty, and must still be awaked by the kiss

of your inner Self…when you are ready for it.


Are you ready for it?

To which extent?

If not ready, or not enough, how will you become ready for it?


Visualize with as many vivid details as possible receiving

this inner kiss and Awakening at last.


Rumi’s advice is:


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

Ask for what you really want, don’t go back to sleep. Across the doorsill, the interface between two worlds people are going back and forth; round and wide open is the door;


don’t go back to sleep!


Why would you ever go back to sleep?


b) As the Course in Miracles pointed out,


You have chosen a sleep in which

you had bad dreams


and then adds these comforting words:


but the sleep is not real and God

calls you to awake.


There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him,

for then you will awake.


You are at home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awakening to reality.


Bur if we are perfectly capable of awakening to reality, how come that so very few ever manage it?

Ouspensky partially answer this question:


Kundalini is the force that keeps us in a hypnotic state. “To awaken”

for man means to be “de-hypnotized”.


How will you become de-hypnotized?

Machado had the right attitude:


No my soul is not asleep.
It is awake, wide awake.

It neither sleeps nor dreams but watches,
its clear eyes open, far off things,


and listens at the shores

of the great silence.


Are you listening to it?

It pays off.


c) Vivekananda points out the difficulty of awakening:


There is this strongly conservative tendency in human nature:

we do not like to move one step forward.


I think of mankind just as I read of persons who become frozen in snow; all such,


they want to go to sleep, and if you try to drag them up, they say “Let me sleep;

it is so beautiful to sleep in the snow”, and they die

there in that sleep. So is our nature.


Is this also your nature?Yes, its superficial parts.

What will you DO about it?

Hakim Sanai offers the best advice:


Stop weaving a net about yourself: burst like a lion

from your cage!


In what does your own personal cage consist?

Of inner sleep, of course.

How good are you at being a lion and bursting out of it?


It is a most exhilarating, joyous feeling.


According to the Yoga Vashista


It is by your waking from the sleep of ignorance, and coming to the light of reason; that these objects of your dream will be shorn of their substantiality,


and appear in their spiritual light as a manifestation

of God himself.


d) Apart from Divine Grace the best way to begin to Awaken

is to realize with our whole being, not just with our mind, that


the state of inner slumber is really

a kind of death,


but with the right striving we can begin to Awaken from it

before the death of the physical body

makes us forget all.


Listen to Kabir:


You have slept for unnumbered ages:

will you not awake now?


will you not awake now?

E. A. Poe prayed:


Would God that I could awaken, for I sleep

I know not how…


Never say: “I don’t know how to Awaken.”

But tell yourself:


I am in the process of awakening to who I really am,

and as nothing else is more important to me

I will certainly succeed.


The Kabuli:

When one of his wives complained of chronic insomnia, the Kabuli told her:


Insomnia? Really? What’s wrong with it? You must be kidding, dear!

The most essential thing of all is to remain AWAKE!

Just keep it up and I will make you

my number one wife!


What did the Kabuli really mean by this?

Another time when the mullah attacked his teachings in one of his Friday sermons the Kabuli told his congregation:


Forgive that poor man for without his state of deep inner sleep

how could he ever bear the narrowness

and pettiness of his mind?


The Devil’s Advocate:

Yes, we also have heard of Awakened, Ascended, Enlightened Masters.

How can you possibly be so naïve as to believe such absurdities?

Of course, they are either just pretending to or even believing it… in their dreams.

Forget all about it!


The Khdir:


Whatever discomfort or psychological suffering the waking process

may cause, the inner slumber is always

far too high price to pay.


Words of Power:


Indeed realizing that one is deeply asleep can be terrifying,

but such a shock is often the very beginning

of Awakening.


“When one realizes that one is asleep, at that moment

one is already half-awake.” Ouspensky


Ere the world wastes sleep no more: arise! The caravan hastens,

the sweet scent dies.” Rumi


Have you joined the caravan?

If not, what are you waiting for?

For the sweet scent to die?


Living it:

From Vijay’s old journals – 1968 – Pondicherry, India


My greatest aspiration is to Awaken from the Dream…and see the Way.

I had been so deeply asleep for most of my life and in so many past ones also lost myself in the dream of gaining and losing so many things, wives, children, possessions, making love and making war, dreaming a vortex, a quagmire of pleasure and suffering…


and believed it all real!


For me the Way is Mère, the Divine Mother.

Before seeing Her I had already understood that in my essence I am one with the Divine, and arrogantly thought that I was already close to Awakening.

Only now after seeing Her I realized to which extent I am still deeply asleep on so many levels, and that


I was only dreaming of being close to awake




This realization is the beginning

of the true Awakening.


Question/Ko’han 1 to 4:

How will you awaken yourself?

Why is this way and not another?

To which extent do you really want to?

When do you expect that you will become inwardly awake?

It depends on that.

Question/Ko’han 5 to 7:

In which ways do you think that you will change after you have Awakened at last?

Are they the vision of your soul?

Or the expectations and projection of your ego and self-image?


Shams of Tabriz has the last word::


Although your sleep is like wakefulness: don’t sleep…let your sleep

be all wakefulness and sobriety.



There are many ways.

Find the one more suitable for you personally.




1) Examine carefully your own net of inner slumber:


– In which areas it is denser and more suffocating than in others?


– What have you done so far to become free of it?

– What will you do from now on about it?


2) Meditate on this passage of Gurdjeff:


This dream is the natural state of man.


We live in this dream as we live in the air, and it would be hopeless if we were not able to realize sometimes that we live not only in this world, but also in another world, where it is possible for us to awaken to different perceptions, to another way of being, of thinking and of feeling.


The act of waking up can change everything: it is to be born

to another world within oneself.


How do you reckon that waking up will change you?

That’s all?

How do you imagine another world within yourself?




Don’t even think about how to Awaken,

thoughts are sleep inducing devices all.

Concentrate on the inner fire in your heart

and let the truth of your being guide you on.

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