Prior to all form,
prior to all names,

there is something

which is no thing

that perceives all

names and forms.

You are That.

When we examine the notion “I am this”, we observe that

the “I am” is constant whereas the “this”

is constantly changing.


When the attention is moved from the latter to the former, one faces knowingness. It is consciousness cognizing what appears in consciousness.


What you really are is that by which you know you are. You are the very

consciousness through which the world is expressed.


You are infinite potential and inexhaustible possibility.

Because you are, anything can be.


However, you are presently abiding as such and such an individual. Until this is thoroughly seen through, you are like a water buffalo in deep mud.


In order for any thing to be

it must be observable.

You are that by which

all observable things are known.


You are that by which “I Am” is known.

You are the knowing presence and

the knowing of the Knowing Presence.


You are the subject to which

all perceptions, conceptions and actions come


The body is insentient
It cannot speak

It cannot see

It cannot think

That which energizes the body
That which initiates all action

You are That

You are unchanging and continuous,

Cycling through the three states which are

Constantly changing and therefore transient.

You are always.

Any attempt to describe what you essentially are

Must invariably be colored by imagination.

You are literally unimaginable.


You are that antecedent Being Conscious presence.

What is required is an in-turning,

An inner shift of interest from the personal and

Towards the source of the personal

Resulting in the reassertion of

The primacy of universal consciousness.


You are knowing,

The shapeless subject,

The irreducible substrate of the visible and the invisible, of

The subjective and the objective, and of

Form and the formless.


Wu Hsin places a mirror before you in which

There is no reflection.

You are nothing in the foreground;

You are the background.


This is the seeing of your true Self and

Its manifesting the world within the vastness of the

Consciousness that you are.


You are the awareness of phenomena.

The Observing.

You are then awareness of involvement with phenomena,

The Experiencing.


Everything starts from you and ends in you,

With the paradox being that there is no you.

You are consciousness Itself.

So you can never separate yourself from That.


You are a point in space and time from which

A manifested world is experienced.

This is the starting point for the investigation:

“What is experiencing the world?”

You can only experience rafting the river by being

Attached to the raft.


You are That Light by which light is perceived.


You are That which provides the blank canvas onto which the paint is applied.

You provide the space which supports all objects

while itself being ignored.


You are the seeing, the hearing, the perceiving, the knowing, and the doing old all that is seen, perceived, known and done.

Like the wind, That that you are is known only by its effects.

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