Stone: All the Navarattan stones together: Diamond or Crystal quartz, Sapphire Blue, Sapphire yellow, Ruby, Topaz, Coral, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Hessonite.

The Mantra: Tat Twam Asi


The Key:


You are secretly the Divine, but in the measure that you identify yourself with your body or mind you immediately

become mortal.


Concentrate on feeling one with Him.



a) Whatever happens, even in the direst circumstances


remain always centered deep within, in what you really are,

in a state of infinite peace and bliss,


Whenever confronted by any difficulty say with Vivekananda:

I am Him!


And like a lion breaking through his cage, break through

all your own chains and be free forever!


Follow his advice:


You are spirit. Realize yourselves as spirit.

Do it any way you can.


Follow also the Avadhut Ghita’s advice:


Thou art all Brahman, free from all change, the same within and without,

pure bliss. Run not here and there a ghost.


Knowing thyself to be birth-less, pure, bodiless, equable, and imperishable

Atman. How then canst thou say: “I know Atman,”

or “I know not Atman?”


b) We have always access to all the Divine potentialities

in the depths of our own being, and each is part of the complexity of our whole being, each part of the Divine’s Dream.


Who we really are can be experienced but never quite defined

because the words to do so don’t yet exist.


However, as our essential nature is awareness we do not require any mighty effort, discipline or austerities to acquire it:


take care of only your basic needs but let go

of all else apart from finding yourself.


How will you let go of all else?

By realizing that as Nisargadatta Maharaj said,


The world you perceive is made of Consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness Itself.


You are the Space (Akash) in which it moves, the time in which

it lasts, the love that gives it life.

Cut off imagination and attachment and what remains?


you are the knowledge (‘I am’) and don’t have any shape or form

whatsoever. You are impersonal. You are comprehensive.

You are the manifest, the Universal Consciousness.


you are the space between the forms, the formless in the form, the mindless

in the mind…you are the emptiness between every breath…

that is the essence of true love.


c) Keep in mind these deep hints of Rumi:


Although you appear in earthly form,

your essence is pure consciousness.

You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light.

How well have you been guarding it?


You are a pure Soul in darkened soil.
You are a precious hidden diamond

sunken in the mud.


What does the diamond stand for in your particular case?

And the mud?

Your essence is Gold hidden in dust.

You, who are an imprint of the divine model;
You who are the mirror of the beauty of the King:

all that is in the world is not outside you,

and whatever you want, seek it in yourself:

you are That.

Are you seeking it in yourself?

Shihab al-Din adds:

You are the traveler,
you are the path and

you are the destination.

Be careful never to lose
the way to your Self.

Sultan Valad’s advice is:


You are a mine of silver mixed with soil

hidden in the mine the silver is

visible the soil, like the body is

and the silver like the soul hidden.


Extract the silver from the soil

which worthless is and thrown aside.


How will you extract the silver of your awareness from the soil of your mind?

Never say: “I am this or that”

But tell yourself


I am part of the Divine, all that is, and I am no longer

deceived by false identifications.


The Devil’s Advocate:

To dream dreaming that you “are That”, whatever that may be is indeed pleasant – but first or later you will be bound to realize that realize that after all you are nothing at all, and then how will you feel?


The Khdir:


My message to you is the same than the one of all true Teachers:

stop identifying yourself with your limitations:


you are always one with the Divine, one with all that is: you are a beautiful,

splendid soul of Light, Love and Ecstasy with infinite horizons

to explore, endless oceans of beauty and wonder.


Words of Power:


“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”
Pema Chödrön

“Stand as a rock; you are indestructible. You are

the Self (Atman), the God of the universe.”



Whether you are aware of it or not.


Living it:

From “The Quest”:


When my attention has just let go of a thought or any other perception and not yet been caught up by another, in that pure instant my true nature is revealed, it cannot do otherwise:


observe when all thoughts disappear utterly

into silence: still you are.


This is not a passive condition at all but a very receptive state in which

our Inner Voice can be heard: in one of the most difficult moment of my life, when I was about to give up, I received this message through an infinitely calm, loving voice in my mind:

Whatever happens, even in the direst circumstances remain always

centered deep within, in what you really are, in a state

of infinite peace and bliss…tell yourself:


I am That, I am the Divine, all that is, and am no longer

deceived by false identifications.


Question/ko’han1 to 4:

How did you find the realization that you are not what you always thought you were?

Overwhelming? Frightening?

Immensely joyful and ecstatic?


Question/ko’han 5 and 6:

We seem to become nothing by dissolving our ego


but then we become everything.


Gave you already experienced this to some extent?

If yes, does the idea of becoming nothing worry you?

There is no real need to.

Question/ko’han 7:

The Flame and the Oil affirms that


We, men of dust, men of cobalt blue light, men of pain, men of wandering, are the anchors of the Ultimate.


What does it mean being the anchors of the Ultimate?

Hint: does the Ultimate really need to be anchored at all?


The Ashtavarka Ghita has the right attitude and the last word:


I give up such distinctions as “This is what I am,” and “I am not that,”

and by realizing that “All is myself,” never make

any distinction and am happy.




1) Follow Vivekananda’s advice:


You are the Self, the God of the universe.


Tell yourself:


I am absolute Existence, absolute Bliss, absolute Knowledge

which pervades everything.


– Repeat this to yourself


whenever your mind or anyone else tries to brainwash you into believing

that you are whatever you always identified yourself with.


Vivekananda adds that:


Your nature is bliss and your glory is without stain. You are pure Consciousness, the witness of all experiences.


Your real nature is joy. Cease this very moment

to identify yourself with the ego.

2) Meditate on this passage of Ramana Maharshi:


You are awareness.


Awareness is another name for you. Since you are awareness, there is no need to obtain or cultivate it.


All you have to do is to give up being aware of other things,

that is, on the non-self.


If one gives up being aware of them, then pure awareness

alone remains, and that is the Self.




1) These words of Papaji:


You are the unchangeable Awareness in which

all activity takes place.Always rest in peace.
You are eternal Being,Unbounded and undivided.

Just keep Quiet. All is well. Keep Quiet Here and Now.
You are Happiness, you are Peace,You are Freedom.

Do not entertain any notions that you are in trouble.

Be kind to yourself.Open to your Heart

and simply Be.

2) These verses of Rumi:


Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript of a divine letter.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.

This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself;
everything that you want, you are already that.

You suppose you are the trouble.
But you are the cure.

You suppose that you are the lock on the door.

But you are the key that opens it.


Truly, the Beloved’s shadow are we all:


His is our seeking, His all our words.

Sometimes like a dancing stream toward Him we flow,

at times but still water in His pitcher are we;

or in a pot we boil and to vapor turn –

that the Beloved’s job. Here and there

for Him we search, while l right at Him looking.


Sitting by His side “O Beloved,

where is the Beloved?” we keep asking.


3) These verses of Wu Hsin.


The world is a collection of objects.
That which perceives the objects

cannot itself be an object.

You are That.


Prior to all form, prior to all names,
there is something which is no thing

that perceives all names and forms.

You are That.

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