You are really unbound and action-less,

self-illuminating and spotless already.


The cause of your bondage is that you are still resorting to stilling the mind.

All of this is really filled by you and strung out in you, for what you consist of is pure awareness – so don’t be small minded.


You are unconditioned and changeless, formless and immovable, unfathomable awareness and imperturbable, so hold to nothing

but consciousness.


Desire and anger are objects of the mind, but the mind is not yours, nor ever has been. You are choice-less, awareness itself and unchanging – so live happily.

Recognizing oneself in all beings, and all beings in oneself, be happy, free from the sense of responsibility and free from preoccupation with ‘me’.


Your nature is the consciousness, in which the whole world wells up, like waves

in the sea. That is what you are, without any doubt,

so be free of disturbance.


the self is not the organizing command center of experience, as we might think. Actually, it is just one element combined with other factors and strung together in a sequence of causally connected moments in time.


As such, the self is not substantially real, but neither

can it be shown to be unreal.


How can this be?


The continuum of moments, which we mistakenly understand to be a solid, unchanging self, still performs actions and undergoes their results.


What does this imply?


Prior to all form,
prior to all names,

there is something

which is no thing

that perceives all

names and forms.

You are That.

When we examine the notion “I am this”, we observe that

the “I am” is constant whereas the “this”

is constantly changing.


When the attention is moved from the latter to the former, one faces knowingness. It is consciousness cognizing what appears in consciousness.


What you really are is that by which you know you are. You are the very

consciousness through which the world is expressed.


You are infinite potential and inexhaustible possibility.

Because you are, anything can be.


However, you are presently abiding as such and such an individual. Until this is thoroughly seen through, you are like a water buffalo in deep mud.


In order for any thing to be

it must be observable.

You are that by which

all observable things are known.


You are that by which “I Am” is known.

You are the knowing presence and

the knowing of the Knowing Presence.


You are the subject to which

all perceptions, conceptions and actions come


The body is insentient
It cannot speak

It cannot see

It cannot think

That which energizes the body
That which initiates all action

You are That

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