Consciously or unconsciously, the self-image is based

on one or more of these roles:




– The Ordinary, average guy:

I have no particular qualities, but that’s ok with me.

a) I feel safer conforming to everyone else, then I never have any problems.

b) I am afraid of standing out from the herd.


– The Indifferent/Insensitive:

Nothing seems to be really worth the bother.

a) Why should I care for anyone or anything? I just can’t see any valid Reason to!

b) Let everyone and everything go to hell!


– The Believer:

Of course I believe in my religion/ideal/political party/system of belief/baseball team because it is the best!

a) If you disagree you are an idiot.

a) If you disagree, off with your head!


– The Hedonistic/Enjoyer:

Of course sex, entertainments, good food and drink, at most the arts are my only concern – what else is really there after all?

a) I mostly enjoy refined pleasures.

b) Whatever you may say, nothing will ever beat the basic pleasures of life: sex, food and drink!


– The Irresponsible one:

Obviously, whatever happens to anyone else or to the world is not my responsibility!

a) I would like to help, but how can I?

b) Why should I care about others or all the world’s problems? Nobody ever cares about me!


The Superficial / Materialistic one:

Clearly only the tangible, what can be weighted, measured, labeled is real and everything else is immaterial.

a) I am contented with my life and its tangible rewards.

b) Although I would never admit it, I despise and hate special people and those with high ideals because they make me feel inferior.


– The Weak and helpless:

Alas, I know only too well how inferior, incapable am I, unable to cope!

a) I will never be a threat to you, don’t hurt me please, help me!

b) I would like to do better, but how can I? Everything is always so terribly difficult!

c) I know that probably will take an unfair advantage of me, like everyone else does all the time!!


– The Autistic:

I live inside my own armored shell and feel much safer that way.

a) There is nothing more terrifying than showing all the emptiness of my being to anyone.

b) I feel somewhat comfortable in my cocoon of ever darkening penumbra.


The Victim:

Everyone is always so mean to poor little me although I am good, but none ever takes it in consideration!

a) Whatever happens to me is someone else’s fault, never my own.

b) Yes, I know, I am unworthy and deserve nothing better! After all what he/she/they did to me, how can I not suffer?

c) Probably you will hurt me, too!


– The Competitor:

Competition is the very foundation of life: look at evolution, how it wipes out all the weaker ones!

b) Winning gives me self-confidence and a sense of security, what can be possibly be wrong with it?

a) Life is all a game, and there is no greater fun than getting on top of everyone else!


– The Rightful Selfish:

OF COURSE I look after Number One first of all!

a) If I don’t, who will?

b) Whoever doesn’t put himself first is really a fool!


– The Critic/Judgmental:

I am always right and others always wrong unless they agree with me.

a) This makes me feel really great.

b) I enjoy sharply pointing out everyone’s blunders.

c) How can you mindless morons fail to see all your stupidity?


– The Manipulator:

Most people are less smart than me and I have a lot of fun making them do what I want!


– The Bully:

I am stronger/more fearless/more determined/ tougher than you.

a) Therefore you ought to respect me.

b) You better not mess with me OR ELSE!


– The Fanatic:

a) Either you join my religion/sect/political party/ideal/credo or you are our ENEMY!

b) Ok, let’s put all those bastards to the wall!


– The Bad One:

Yes I am BAD! I was born that way!

a) It isn’t my fault but because of my dysfunctional family/society/upbringing!

b) Clearly I do not deserve love or any help, do not deserve anything, because I am BAD!

c) So what if I am bad? Do you have a problem with it? Let’s fight!


– The Possessed/Evil One:

a) I talk of patriotism, rightful wrath, etc but they are all excuses for my destructive tendencies.

b) I don’t need to justify myself – I am on the side of evil, and proud of it!


Ramprasad put it thus:


But a costume in the world you’re wearing: the Enchantress’ illusion

makes the dance, and so do you while on Her lap,
in Her prison sitting.


NEUTRAL ROLES (They can be positive or negative according to our attitude}


– The Family Man:

All I really care for is my family: what could be possibly be wrong with it?

a) The aim of my life is to take good care of my family and children and being successful and happy.

b) The tragedy of my life is my unhappiness about my terrible wife/husband/ children.


– The Childish One:

Growing up is such a difficult, painful process!

a) Please take care of me, love me, protect me, tell me what I should do because I just don’t know.

b) By being childish, I often get my way no matter how unreasonable I can be!


– The Chameleon:

As I have far too many personalities but no clearly defined one I find easier and safer to imitate whoever I am with at the moment.


– The Withdrawn/Hermit/Loner Role

I can progress much better and faster when alone.

a) I feel better when I am alone because I do not have to interact emotionally with others, which is often painful.

b) Bugger off! Don’t bother me unless really unavoidable, and then be as short as possible!


– The Analyst:

Everything can be explained by our reason and a rational, scientific methodology, and I am very good at it!


– The Strong and Powerful:

Unless I feel strong and powerful I become very insecure.

a) Being the protector of the weak and helpless makes me feel great.

b) I can’t stand weakness, especially in myself, and deeply despise it in others.


– The Maker:

With the books I have written/the system of thought I set up/the buildings

I erected, etc,

a) I have done so many worthwhile things.

b) I left a mark upon history and my name will be remembered forever!


– The Avant-garde one:

I am a very, very special and unique person.

a) I am always the first to know everything new, every gossip about celebrities, the latest cultural event!

b) You really ought to admire me a lot more.


-The Leader:

Hey, I am number One!

a) Now I can really make everything right!”

b) Now I can do all I want!


– The Deviant:

a) I am very different from the stupid herd.

b) I enjoy so much to shock all those dumb bourgeois!

c) I am a marginal person/a gay/an ex con/rejected by society, etc; I will never fit in and am ashamed of it.


– The Jester:

A sense of humor is the salt of life for me.

a) Making people laugh makes me feel good.

b) Nothing has any meaning at all in our ephemeral lives, so why take anything seriously? Of course I just make fun of it all!



POSITIVE ROLES (The first ones only relatively positive)


– The Successful One:

I am in control of my life and going exactly in the direction I want.

a) Now I can really enjoy myself to the utmost!

b) Now I can really help so many people!


– The Benign Advisor/Counselor:

I know much more than you.

a) It is in your best interests to gratefully accept the benefit of my immense wisdom – if you don’t it is only your loss – and I expect some sort of reward for it!

b) I would like to help you with my disinterested suggestions.


– The Good, Responsible one:

I am a very good provider – organizer – teacher – employer.

a) Of course, if I wasn’t there those who depend on me couldn’t manage very well – they ought to be more grateful!

b) Helping everyone gives me the greatest joy, and this is in itself my reward.


– The Reformer:

a) The reforms proposed by myself are the best and the only really feasible ones.

If you don’t listen to me, you will be sorry!

b) I don’t ignore all the ills and suffering of the world like almost everyone else! There is so much scope for improvement in the world and I would like to help.

c) To progress and evolve we must always go beyond our own conditionings from the past.


– The Sincere Rebel:

I am against all social, cultural, political or religious oppressive rules on principle.

a) How can you all be indifferent in front of so much social injustice and exploitation?

b) I strive to find the best way to heal the world.


– The Savior/Social Worker/Philanthropist/Healer:

The meaning of my life abides in helping/saving/healing/taking care of others.

a) This make me feel superior to all those who live for themselves alone.

b) This is in itself its own reward.


– The Hero:

a) I am always ready and willing to sacrifice myself for this cause, and expect others to admire me.

b) I am always ready and willing to fight for a noble cause and against injustice, even prepared to give up my life for it.


– The Wise One:

I value wisdom above all

a) Sharing my wisdom must be worth my while – I don’t give my pearls to the pigs.

b) I am always delighted to share whatever wisdom I acquired.


– The Seeker:

I am on the Path.

a) I am not progressing fast enough

b) I am a very spiritual person but listen only to the teachings of my own Guru.

c) I am always eager to learn from anyone.


-The Spiritual one:

Spirituality is the basis and the center of my life

a) I am very spiritual, and it is in your best interests to learn from me.

b) I am open to teach what I have learned if asked to.


– The Advanced Seeker:

a) There in no other meaning for my life but finding my Higher Self and becoming one with the Divine.

b) Silence – Om


– There would also be the Teacher,

but in the case of real ones it is never a Role.


Which of these roles are you playing, even of only to some extent?


Do they correspond to the truth of your being?

If not, what will you DO about them?

HOW will you do it?




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