We can study the function and behavior of any organism.

Why is it that only in humans do we create

the concept of a person?


The person is like the music produced by the instrument.


The situation as it presents itself is that there is an organism and an entity in the organism whose thoughts, feelings, and actions are referenced as “the person”. What we are therefore suggesting is that we are possessed by the entity.


Even if this notion was left unchallenged, it begs the questions:

“Where does the entity come from?”


The personality is how the brain “acts”

via the body.


Don’t become distracted by the notion of “mind”. Mind equals brain process; it’s another object of perception. We say that the moon shines in the same way as we say that there is a person that acts.

Yet, it is not that the moon is shining. Rather, it is merely reflecting the light of the sun.

Persons, too, are only the reflected light of That which shines on them and provides their support.


What you know about yourself is what you remember about yourself. Take a minute a check; see if what you call the “person” is anything more

than the set of images in memory.


When you direct attention to how you, the organism, function and behave, it gradually becomes clear that most of the function and behavior is mechanical and automatic.


You begin to realize that the person you have

taken yourself to be is a fiction.


This person is like the music produced by the instrument.

Or it could be stated that like the tartness in a lime or the sweetness of honey, the person is merely the quality or expression of the organism.


Understand that personality is objectively observable; it can be discerned via the observation of behavior. That which observes it is not it.


In that regard, the attention must move from the objective

to the subjective for all to be made clear.


A name is merely an address. What occupies the address is what is important. When you are alive and conscious, but no longer self- conscious, your days of personhood will have ended. The person may continue to be there, like your shadow is there. But it is seen for what it really is.


A fish has no idea what water is like because it has nothing to compare it to.

It is only when we move away from personality that

we can see it for what it is and what it isn’t.




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