Sri Aurobindo presents the positive aspects of Personality

when one has the right attitude:


…personality, like consciousness, life, soul, is not a brief-lived

stranger in an impersonal Eternity, but contains

the very meaning of existence.


This fine flower of the cosmic Energy carries in it a forecast of the aim and a hint of the very motive of the universal labour.

As an occult vision opens in him, he becomes aware of worlds behind in which consciousness and personality hold an enormous place and assume a premier value; even here in the material world to this occult vision the inconscience of Matter fills with a secret pervading consciousness, its inanimation harbours a vibrant life, its mechanism is the device of an indwelling Intelligence, God and soul are everywhere.


Above all stands an infinite conscious Being who is variously

self-expressed in all these worlds; impersonality

is only a first means of that expression.


It is a field of principles and forces, an equal basis of manifestation but these forces express themselves through beings, have conscious spirits at their head and are the emanation of a Conscious Being who is their source.

A multiple innumerable personality expressing that One is the very sense and central aim of the manifestation and if now personality seems to be narrow, fragmentary, restrictive,


it is only because it has not opened to its source or flowered

into its own divine truth and fullness packing itself

with the universal and the infinite.


Thus the world-creation is no more an illusion, a fortuitous mechanism, a play that need not have happened, a flux without consequence; it is an intimate dynamism of the conscious and living Eternal.

There is a personality on his surface that chooses and wills, submits and struggles, tries to make good in Nature or prevail over Nature,


but this personality is itself a construction of Nature

and so dominated, driven, determined by her

that it cannot be free.


It is a formation or expression of the Self in her, — it is a self of Nature rather than a self of Self, his natural and progressive, not his spiritual and permanent being, a temporary constructed personality, not the true immortal Person.


It is that Person that he must become. He must succeed in being inwardly quiescent, detach himself as the observer from the outer active

personality and learn the play of the cosmic forces


in him by standing back from all blinding absorption in its turns and movements. Thus calm, detached, a student of himself and a witness of his nature,


he realizes that he is the individual soul who observes the works of Nature,

accepts tranquilly her results and sanctions or withholds

his sanction from the impulse to her acts.


Only when the small ego-sense is rooted out from the nature can the seeker know his true person


that stands above as a portion and power of the Divine and renounce all motive-force other than the will of the Divine Shakti.


Personality and impersonality are for the seeker the wings of his spiritual ascension that rises


until it reaches a height in which their fertile interaction will transmute

into a supreme merging manifesting in the action

the original power of the Divine.



O Lord, I implore Thee! Grant that I may be perfectly conscious and master

of all that constitutes this personality, so that

I may be delivered from myself


and Thou alone mayst live and act through these multiple elements. To live in Love, by Love, for Love, indissolubly united to Thy highest manifestation. . . . Always more light, more beauty, more truth!

In action, the personality is the inevitable and indispensable intermediary of Thy will and Thy forces.


The stronger, the more complex, powerful, individualized and conscious

is the personality, the more powerfully and usefully

can the instrument serve.


She adds a warning:


But, by reason of the very character of personality, it easily tends to be drawn into the fatal illusion of its separate existence and become little by little a screen between Thee and that on which Thou willest to act.


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