Your being a person is due to the illusion

of space and time;

you imagine yourself to be at a certain point occupying a certain volume; your personality is due to your self-identification with the body.
Your thoughts and feelings exist in succession,they have their span in time and make you imagine yourself,because of memory, as having duration.


In reality time and space exist in you;

you do not exist in them.


Now the consciousness, when it gets involved with the body-mind,is the individual. It is conditioned by body and mind. Mind is concepts.

Whatever it receives through the five senses, and is stored,that is the mind.

And whatever the words that flow out, that is also mind.

So when that consciousness is conditioned by the body and the mind,it is individualistic, a personality. And I always tell people,


you de-personify yourself by not identifying

with the body-mind.

When you do that, you are that manifest principle;you are no more

a personality, you are only consciousness.


The person is a very small thing. Actually it is a composite, it cannot be said to exist by itself. Unperceived, it is just not there. It is but the shadow of the mind, the sum total of memories.

Pure being is reflected in the mirror of the mind as knowing. The known takes the shape of a person, based on memory and habit;


it is but a shadow, a projection of the knower

onto the screen of the mind.


A reflection of the observer in the mind created the senses of the I and the person acquires an apparently separated existence.


In reality there is no person, only the observer that identifies itself

with the “me” and the “mine”.


The person may be conscious, but not conscious of being so. It is completely identified with what it feels, thinks and experiences. The obscurity

in which is dwells s its own creation. When this obscurity

is examined it dissolves.


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