In the Sixties, Bob Dylan sang:


How many roads must a man walk down…before you call him a man?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…


Whatever else has changed since then:


their surface being is still all that most people know,

a mask covering up who they really are.


However, our true Self


is not something not yet there that we have to reach

but is ALREADY in our depths.


Of course, that doesn’t help much until we realize it and become one with it.

Sri Aurobindo said that our truer Self is:


a gambler and a speculator in infinite possibilities, limiting himself

to the succession of moments so that it might have

all the surprise and delight of the adventure,


keeping back its self-knowledge and being-ness so that it might

win again what seems to have lost.


And somewhere else added:


The surface being that we identify ourselves with is

the deep eternal Self in us throwing itself out

as the adventurer in Time


The essential point that He made is that notwithstanding the appearances our true Self was never really lost as it seems and is now


reconquering all itself through the checkered joy and pain

of an aeonic passion and seeking and endeavor.


This is the Great Adventure Mere that summoned us all to.





– Meditate on these words of Sri Aurobindo


We are composed not of one but many personalities and each has its own demands and differing nature.


Our being is a roughly constituted chaos into which we have

to introduce the principle of a divine order.



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