1) Observe all your movements, thoughts, emotions, impulses;

– Become aware of those which come from your old self-image.

– Firmly reject them

and substitute them with more harmonious, truer ones.


– Realize that:


You are a ray, a spark of the Divine, have always been and will always be,

whatever self image of yourself you may have.


All that remains to do is MANIFESTING it fully, and it is in your power to begin doing so this very instant.


The false, negative self-image of yourself with all its identifications

and apparent limitations is what prevented you so far

from manifesting who you really are.


If somebody tells you that you are an idiot, for example,


it will create a reaction only if you consciously or unconsciously

are afraid of not being very smart, otherwise

you would not care at all.


2) Work on your self-image

like a gemstone cutter does with a piece of rough mineral:


– Have a vision as clear as possible

of the shape of the gemstone – yourself – which you want to create;


– Cut out all the imperfections on every level

(this requires overcoming the resistance of the parts of your being that are still attached to them);


– Cut out also all the parts of the rough mineral that you are

which although not “bad” are redundant and must be discarded to obtain the perfect shape of the gemstone that inwardly you already are.

Your improved self-image ought to include at least:


a) A healthy body with a solid nervous system

capable to handle the new and more powerful energies.


b) A detached, clear mind


which can perceive everything in a state

of perfect equanimity.


c) A compassionate, loving attitude to all and all things.


This is the very foundation to accomplish everything one wants both in the ordinary life and on the Path.


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