(Adapted from “The City and the Oasis”)

The Khdir speaks out:


In the seat of Fixity I abide, in the Truth,

a Flame which does not change.


Never am I far from you, even when you are unable to hear me.


Your journey ever certain was since you first

drank from the Well at the World’s End,

even if now you no longer remember it.


Perhaps you have understood what Solve et Coagula ultimately means, had a sudden vision of the Zaheer, considered the alternative of drinking the Water or the Wave, the Squaring of the Circle, perhaps even the much more advanced Circling of the Square,


but none of all this by itself alone will be of much use

to reach your destination.


How will you reach your real destination?

More than through the highest visions you have had or the brightest Bardo Thodol’s light that you ever glimpsed, you will reach it


through all the Inner Silence and Divine Love that you

have already opened the heart to.


You may have made the elementary mistake of believing that high experiences and visions are something…supernatural, occurring only in privileged moments, while they must become the norm, and this misperception makes you feel your “ordinary” days when they are not there so empty.

The real destination is the Truth, the Divine,

and this you must feel every instant of your life,

not just in your meditations.


But then you must first learn how erase from your mind all other destinations like the shopping mall, the bar, the sports grounds, the bank, the cinema, the church –


ultimately it will make no difference at all

on the way to the cemetery!


And this, the cemetery, is where most are really directed towards with all their thoughts, feelings, actions and lifestyles, inevitably reinforcing the nightmare of a meaningless life.


To emerge at last from it to the real world, the Kingdom,

is the only Journey worth undertaking.


As I said through the Course in Miracles,


It is a journey without distance to a goal

which has never changed.


Of course, the ultimate Journey is not to a specific physical place but a new way of seeing yourself and everything else.


It is a road you have never traveled, and at the same time the one you began

long before you were born in the body you now wear.

You ARE your own Journey.


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