In Castaneda book “Journey to Ixlan” during all his life the shaman Don Genaro had felt nostalgia for the township where he was born, Ixlan,


and wished so much to visit it a last time but was unable to do so until towards the end of his life.

But on his way there he encounters only ”golems”, that is, those in a state of deep slumber (like almost everyone all around us) and gradually realizes that he will never reach Ixlan


because it no longer exist, if it ever did.


Why it does no longer exist?


The buildings, the landscape, the hills around it are still there, and so are some of those that he knew when very young, before he became a shaman.

The well at the center of the village is still there, and so is the old church, the grocery shop is also as it used to be, but all the same everything seems to him now merely the vague memory of a strange dream.


Because he has changed.


And so did YOU.


The places from our past remain in our mind as we saw them at that time,

according to our memory of how they were then.


But we have changed, and although everything there is still apparently

the same, for us it is no longer so.


Yes, the wheat mill, the muddy pond, the stream running amongst the cultivated fields, and many other things you remember are still there, but psychologically, emotionally nothing any longer is.


We can never return to the past: our Journey is to always new horizons,

never to our equivalent of Ixlan.


Does part of you still want to go back to your own equivalent of Ixlan?


Don’t be deceived.




What a long journey to even just beginning to understand,

to awaken from the Dream and see the Way, and then

looking back so unreal all we ever suffered seems then,

like someone else’s vague, confused dream.

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