Before time began, before the apparent Separation occurred, you were fully one with the Divine and dwelt with Him in boundless Peace,

Ecstasy, Love and Vision,


You did not need a smile, an embrace to feel loved, nor to read a book to learn something, to eat to have energy, etc:


you were already utterly fulfilled.


And then the Divine told you:


I am also infinite possibilities, and one of them is a tiny grain of darkness,

the Abyss of the Universe: will you go there

to divinize it for Me?


When you joyfully agreed He added:


Beloved, you cannot bring down there with you even a small part of all your Light, Love and consciousness, for it would utterly dissolve such a tiny grain of darkness.

Therefore, you were asked to make the supreme sacrifice:


to renounce all your Light and Love for eons in terms of “Time”, to descend

into the depths of this Abyss as if all alone,

as if separated from Me…


Are you beginning to Remember now?


You dared enter the prison of a lonely separate “I”, dared forget your Source, dared renounce all your immensity and the awareness that you are and will always be one with Me.


This is why now you feel trapped in the suffocating limitations of your

surface being with all its confusion, conflicts, suffering,

loneliness and the fear of death:

the Separation.


You no longer remember your deep and joyous acceptance when I asked you:


Do you accept to let go of absolutely everything,

even of all My Light and Love,




You did, although now no longer remember it.


And yet a subliminal memory of your Source, of when you were still utterly one with the Me is still in your depths.


This is why you feel incomplete and there is in you something

the same bottomless hole which most vainly try to fill

with material possessions,


money, power and status, or at best with social work, philanthropy, religion or even “spirituality”, with so many things…


Are you beginning to Remember now?


When you came down here an awakening message was cast in your heart but to access it, to hear the Khdir, the Divine Messenger’s voice:


you must intensely seek who you REALLY are, the truth

of your being with a firm determination.


Only then it will be possible for you

to Return to the Divine.


There can be no greater loss ever than to come to the end of one’s life

and die without having achieved this.

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