There is no thing or part of you which contains your essence.

Your body, your mind and your memories are

All very important from who you are,

But none of them is the core in which

Your essential identity resides.

You are not sad, sadness arises. You are not humble, humbleness arises.

You are not depressed, depression arises. You are not fatigued, fatigue arises.

You are not hungry, hunger happens. You are not acting, action happens.

You are not thinking, thought happens.

You are a sentient, transparent screen which cognizes the phenomena that appear on it.

All states of mind are just that: states. They come and they go

on a background that, for most,

remains unexplored.

In this regard, the content of the dreaming and waking states are the add-ons to this background.

Seeing this, one realizes that one is neither

the processes of the body nor the brain.

This is the irreversible removal of obstacles to the recognition

of that which is eternal and immanent.

It is abidance as the subject , allowing the objects to go in whatever direction they are moved to go. It is the resolution of the tension between the ongoing sense of self in ordinary experience and the failure to find that self upon rigorous investigation.

There is a single Subject. You have lost your identity with this Subject that you

truly are and have mistakenly identified yourself with an objective “me”.

Yet, this “me” is nothing but an idea, a thought.

It has no substance other than that which you assign to it. When the Conscious Life Energy in the male seed finds an egg-host, a new life begins. However, there is no special “you” in it.

The “you” is just a mental construct, a way in which the brain protects the body.

There is functioning, the seeing, the hearing, the movements.

But there is no “you seeing’.

You cannot be what belongs to you. If you say “I am my cart”, people will think you’re mad.

So why do you believe that you are your body

and you are your mind?

In a similar fashion, you can’t be what you are conscious of.

You must be prior to it.

Begin with “I am nothing perceivable”

and stay with that for some time. Once there is a deep feeling for it,

move on to “I am nothing conceivable”

and do the same.

The former eliminates the body as “I” and the latter does the same for the mind. By proving that you are not the body and its senses or the mind, and standing separate from them, you remain in your real Self.

Investigation results in seeing that “you” cannot be located in either time

or space, neither inside nor outside. This not-finding

is the doorway to what one is.

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