David Icke asks:


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


Do you see the real you, or what you have been

conditioned to believe is you?


The two are so, so different.


One is an infinite consciousness capable of being

and creating whatever it chooses,


the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


Rasmenia Massoud’s answer is:


I know that mirrors give us a false sense of confidence…The reflection

that we see every day has nothing to do with how

others see us. The glass lies.

But must always be like this?

Wu Hsin agrees with him:


The image in the mirror may appear

to have a life of its own.
This is only an illusion.

In the mirror of pure awareness,
forms may appear to have lives of their own.

This, too, is an illusion.


The Amritanubhava Sutra asks:


Every word, well known as a reminder, is not a mirror

reflecting the formless?


And then explains:


It is no wonder that the visible is seen in a mirror but that the invisible

is seen in this mirror of the world.

By giving up the mirror, the image merges in its object.


Only those who can understand the secret of the self-evident Reality

will be able to perceive their faces (who they really are)

without the help of mirrors.


Note: Try to get the feeling of what the Amritanubhava Sutra said, for it cannot really be understood at the mental level,


and even if you managed to it would lose

most of its magic and liberating power.


From the Quest :

It is only possible to mention the same thing that many Teachers already expounded with many different words and metaphors:


until we have cleared, purified the doors of our subjective perception, the world remains a deforming mirror showing us almost only what we wish, expect or fear to see there.


How will you clear and purify the doors of your subjective perception?

What about the old, obsolete programs of interpretation in your mind?


To perceive Reality,


erase the old, obsolete programs of interpretation in our mind, for only then

in your inner Mirror you will be able to contemplate at last

your infinitely beautiful original face.




The movement of behavior is the sure guide to yourself. It’s the mirror of your consciousness:


this mirror will reveal its content, the images, the attachments,

the fears, the loneliness, the joys and sorrow.




From the world’s atoms a multitude of mirrors He created,

and into them all the image of His face cast.


A mirror He holds to His own Face beholding His own beauty. The knower

and the known He is, the seer and the seen; no eye but His own
upon this Universe ever looked.


The Course in Miracles:


In this world you, can become a spotless mirror, in which the holiness

of your Creator shines forth from you, to all around you.

You can REFLECT HEAVEN here.


But no reflections of the images of other gods must dim the mirror that would hold God’s reflection in it. Earth can reflect Heaven or hell; God or the ego.


You need but leave the mirror clean, and clear of all the images

of hidden darkness you have drawn upon it.

God will shine upon it of Himself.


Only the clear reflection OF Himself can BE perceived upon it. Reflections are seen in light. In darkness, they are obscure, and their meaning seems to lie only in shifting interpretations, rather than in themselves.
Could you but realize, for a single instant, the power of healing that the reflection of God, shining in YOU, can bring to all the world,


you COULD not wait to make the mirror of your mind clean,

to receive the image of the Holiness

that heals the world.


The Conference of the Birds:


…uncertain now which the Seer was

and which the Seen:


That were they, and they were but That: others and yet the same;

individual yet One, from whom barely audible a Voice came,

as when in his own heart someone himself answers:


“My Perfection’s Sun the Mirror is from where into Being

my Vision transcends, and then yourselves

in Me reflected you see…




When my mind was cleansed of impurities,
like a mirror of its dust and dirt,

I recognized the Self in me.

Dear Anna from the book “Mister God this is Anna”

offers a very deep and revealing insight:


Mister God looks in his mirror and sees us all, but we can’t see Mister God.

I mean, after all, a mirror image can’t see what’s looking at it…

your face’s reflection can’t see you, can it?


Or do you believe it can?

Ha ha ha ha!



If I die and go to heaven, I should find the same, for until I am pure it is no use going to caves, or forests, or to Varanasi, or to heaven, and if I have polished my mirror, it does not matter where I live, I get the Reality just as It is.


So it is useless, running hither and thither, and spending

energy in vain, which should be spent only

in polishing the mirror.


Hakim Sanai:


It is not by rebellion and discord
that the heart’s mirror is polished free

of the rust of hypocrisy and unbelief:

your mirror is polished by your certitude –
by the unalloyed purity of your faith.


The Yoga Vashista has the last word:


The meaningless word ego, like empty smoke or mist has the property of defiling the mirror of the soul, which resumes its brightness after removal of the mist.


Once the mind is cleansed of its darkness like a mirror from its dirt it shows

the golden hue of spiritual light, which is full of true felicity and by far

more blissful than what our earthly clod of body

can ever give us.






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