Human nature is so limited, so full of contradictions and so exclusive in its movements that if one wants to reject love in its lower form, that is to say, human love as human beings experience it,


if one makes an inner effort to reject it, one usually

rejects the entire capacity of feeling love

and becomes like a stone.


And then sometimes one has to wait for years or centuries before there is a reawakening in oneself of the capacity to receive and manifest love.


Therefore, the best way when love comes, in whatever form it may be, is to try

and pierce through its outer appearance and find the divine principle

which is behind and which gives it existence.


Naturally, it is full of snares and difficulties, but it is more effective. That is to say,


instead of ceasing to love because one loves wrongly, one must cease

to love wrongly and want to love well.


For instance, love between human beings, in all its forms, the love of parents for children, of children for parents, of brothers and sisters, of friends and lovers, is all tainted with ignorance, selfishness and all the other defects which are man’s ordinary drawbacks; so instead of completely ceasing to love -which, besides, is very difficult as Sri Aurobindo says, which would simply dry up the heart and serve no end—


one must learn how to love better: to love with devotion, with self-giving,

self- abnegation, and to struggle, not against love itself,

but against its distorted forms:


against all forms of monopolizing, of attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, and all the feelings which accompany these main movements.


Not to want to possess, to dominate; and not to want to impose

one’s will, one’s whims, one’s desires; not to want

to take, to receive, but to give;


not to insist on the other’s response, but be content with one’s own love; not to seek one’s personal interest and joy and the fulfillment of one’s personal desire,


but to be satisfied with the giving of one’s love and affection;

and not to ask for any response.


Simply to be happy to love, nothing more. If you do that, you have taken a great stride forward and can, through this attitude, gradually advance farther in the feeling itself, and realise one day that


love is not something personal,


that love is a universal divine feeling which manifests through you

more or less finely, but which in its essence

is something divine.


When Mère asked the Divine about love His reply to Her was:


Love me in all things, everywhere and in all beings was Thy reply.

I prostrate myself before Thee and ask of Thee

to give me that power.

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