To be able to love another you must

first of all love yourself


– The essence of love is in the loving itself,

not just in being loved back.


– If you love only one person or a few

but care little or not at all about everyone else, as already mentioned but it needs to be repeated:


it is no real love at all but only

desire or attachment.


– If you truly love someone

always let this person be completely free;


– If you need to ask yourself whether you love someone or not

it means that you don’t, because when we really do we never have any doubts about it.


– Never let your love become a burden

or a psychological prison for those you love.


– Never forget that ego and love cannot coexist together.


They are like light and darkness: when light comes,

darkness disappears.


– Love cannot endure without trust:

you must accept to become vulnerable and defenseless at least with those you love.


– To communicate love to another

you must feel it with your whole heart, and to experience all its wonder you must become always more receptive to it;


In love, tell yourself:


I accept my lover as she/he is and never try to change her/him

according to my own preferences.


– Love is a process, not a state of being,



when not constantly growing inevitably

begins to decrease and fade away;


– Love a gateway in the heart towards the Infinite.


– The Divine IS love,

so if you have true love in your heart you also have Him there.


To love is to recognize yourself in another, feel the Divine in another, therefore

you must love all which exists, as the Divine does, for by excluding

anyone you lose your contact with Him.


According to Muktananda,


If the love you experience in your daily life – the little love you feel for your friends, your relatives, your pets, and even your possessions


could be turned toward the inner Self, that would be enough

to bring you liberation.


The Atharva Veda adds that:


Love cures pettiness, hate and grief. Love loosens bonds;

saves man from the torments of birth and death.


Love binds all hearts in a soft silken symphony. Seen through the eyes of Love,

all beings are beautiful; all deeds dedicated; and all thoughts

innocent. The World becomes one vast kin.



– Relax, take a few deep breaths.


– Concentrate in your inner heart.


– Visualize one or more persons (or animals, or places) that you love or have loved very much and feel as intensely as possible the love for them


– Concentrate is feeling the same love for yourself.


– Let this feeling of love expand to include everyone and everything

that are easier to love: children, inwardly beautiful people, flowers, works of art, nature, etc


Let this feeling of love expand to include everyone and everything

that you find more difficult to love


for they are those who need it most.

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