Those who ask Wu Hsin

the meaning of life


need to first become alive.

There, the question and the questioner

dissolve in the aliveness.


The purpose of the flower is to flower.

The purpose of man is to flower.

No difference.


How will you flower?


One tends to view life as a process of acquiring, and grasping.

But its highest form is the turning away from

That which tempt one to acquire or grasp and


Turning towards that which is the very source of being.

This is not the source of being this or that, but Being itself.


What is called life consists of the organism’s efforts to

Ensure its self-preservation and self-replication.

What you call “my life’ is

The narrative that is constructed surrounding

The so called person’s interactions with “others” and

The attempts at fulfilling personal wants.


Understand that the “my life” that

You are so preoccupied with is

A fabrication, and imagination.

All there is, is Life, the narrative of Being.


The reality of life is that the weed that

does not fight for sunlight dies.


All sentient life flows from the same source.

It can be said to be uncreated insofar as


It is not a creation separate from a creator.

It is not an emanation,

An objective expression of the Subject.


What is this life other than movement,

Processes within this Energy?

There are no discreet entities, only processes,

No seekers, only seeking;

No thinkers, only thinking.


One must step out of the drama of the so called personal life.

The paradox is that stepping out is

Part of the drama.


Life is experienced

As a series of events

Happening to an individual.


Wu Hsin says:

Life is happening.

The individual is merely

one of the series

of events.


You came to this life

with your own unique nature.

It was combined with

the experiences you had

to forge who you are.


You had no say in the matter.

You are a one-of-the-kind instrument

performing the work that

only you can do

in the service of That

which sent you.


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