Each one has the life necessary to his total development.

You have been put on earth, in a physical body,


for a specific purpose, which is to make this body the more conscious possible

and make it the most perfect and conscious possible

instrument of the Divine.


He gave you a certain amount of substance and matter in every field: mental, vital and physical – in proportion to what He expects of you, and all the circumstances surrounding you are also in proportion to what He expects of you, therefore those who say:” my life is terrible, is the most terrible of all” are stupid!


Each one has the life necessary to one’s

total development,


each one has the experiences necessary to one’s total development

and each has the difficulties necessary

to one’s total realization.


If you observe yourself with attention, you will notice that you always carry in you the opposite of the virtue that you ought to realize (I am using the word ”virtue” in its widest and highest meaning).


You have a special aim, a special mission, a special realization

of your own, and carry in you all the necessary obstacles

to make your realization perfect.


Always you will discover that in you the shadow and the light go with the same steps: you have a capacity, nut you have also the negation of this capacity.


And if you discover a very dark point, a very intense shadow,

you can be sure that somewhere in you

there is a great light.


You must know how to utilize one

to realize the other.



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