As Jose Rizal noted,


It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone

wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice.

From “The Quest”

How can people possibly live with no other real concern than the most superficial things?

How can they be unaware that they are wasting their own lives?

Sometimes I feel like from a vast distance


shouting a warning to lemmings running towards a precipice,

telling them to stop and find another Way, a new Way

but all deaf are they and cannot hear me…


From Vijay’s old journals – 1983 – Bombay, India

Yesterday I met the biggest dealer of Indian minerals, Mr. Z, a westerner’s soul in an Indian body. While my selection was being packed he brought me to some nearby ancient Buddhist caves with many stone sculptures of Bodhisattvas and frescoes like in the much more famous Elephant caves. There were very few people there, mostly couples seeking a little romance and privacy in terribly overcrowded Mumbai.

The sculptures were beautiful indeed, although most had been defaced by people carving their silly initials on them, but I couldn’t enjoy even the undamaged ones in peace with Mr. Z who kept talking nonstop only about money:
”…and that big chunk of mostly green Apophillite which I gave you for so little, I must have been mad, I sold a piece just a little better to a stupid German for 300 DOLLARS!

And yes, perhaps you have bought Okeanite in Pune that cheap as you said, but even if you did by now the market price had gone up so much…”

Then he looked around as if he had forgotten where he was and said in a bit of a whisper to himself alone:

“Looking at these caves I feel that I have wasted

my whole life…”


Then almost without transition went on with:

”And good quality, number one Canvasite, have you any idea of the price the miners demand nowadays? They sell them by the piece, not by weight! Even for inferiors specimens they ask no less than….”


He clearly did not even remember what he had said

just a moment before.


From Vijay’s old journals – 2007 – Tucson, Arizona.

In the Tucson minerals and gemstones exhibition I meet Mr. Z, who once had brought me to the Buddhist caves in North Bombay. He looked old and clearly he had already wasted almost his whole life.

I felt more pity and compassion for him than I do for all the starving, homeless destitute in the slums and sidewalls of India, for they are much more inwardly alive than him!

He reminded me of what Eckhart said about humanity:


“Man gets lost, settles abroad and goes so far out

that cannot get back again.”


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